EastEnders fans will cheer as one character gets their comeuppance tonight!

 EastEnders logo Queen Vic.
EastEnders logo Queen Vic.

*This article contains spoilers for tonight's (Thursday, May 30) episode of EastEnders on BBC iPlayer and is yet to air on TV*

EastEnders airs a dramatic confrontation in the market in tonight's episode that will leave fans cheering!

With the truth out about Cindy Beale's ill-advised kiss with ex-husband George Knight, it was only a matter of time before things got a bit slappy in Walford.

But in tonight's episode, it's not George's fiancee, Elaine, who confronts Cindy. It's Kathy Beale!

Ian tells Cindy the kiss with George doesn't matter
Ian tells Cindy the kiss with George doesn't matter

Cindy knows Ian knows the truth but the pair are tiptoeing round one another as tonight's episode begins, with Ian trying very hard to pretend nothing has changed.

Until Cindy admits she knows he knows.

But when Cindy tells him it was just a kiss - nothing more - Ian shrugs it off.

"These things happen," he tells surprised Cindy.

But once Cindy leaves, he turns to mum Kathy for a hug - and some advice. And she - obviously - tells him to chuck Cindy out into the street! She even offers to do it for Ian!

And Kathy is clearly disappointed when Ian admits he wants to stay with Cindy.

Kathy slaps Cindy in the market
Kathy slaps Cindy in the market

So off she goes to track down her daughter-in-law and when she finds her in the market with Anna and Gina, she announces: "Once a slapper, always a slapper!"

Then she whacks Cindy in the face!

Gina and Anna hold Cindy back and she doesn't retaliate. But we know what Ms Beale's like and we know she's not going to go quietly!

With the battlelines firmly drawn, what will Cindy's next move be?

EastEnders airs tonight at 7:30pm on BBC One. Check our TV Guide for more information.