EastEnders fans fear serious health condition for Stevie Mitchell in heartbreaking twist

Stevie calls Billy the wrong name in EastEnders
-Credit: (Image: BBC)

EastEnders have been left fearing Stevie Mitchell has Alzheimer's in a heartbreaking twist. In Monday's episode of the BBC One soap, Stevie arranged for the local dads to go fishing in celebration of Father's Day.

Stevie, Jack, Billy and Howie all went on a fishing trip with their sons as Jay Brown and Lexi Pearce also joined in the fun. Insistent on the youngsters enjoying the outdoors to the fullest, Stevie confiscated the phones of Will, Denzel and Ricky in order to improve instant communication with their dads.

Billy, however, becomes concerned for Stevie as he notices that he calls him by the wrong name. "You did good yourself Ted", Stevie tells his son when he offers praise on their day out.

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Billy is left confused when Stevie calls him the wrong name in EastEnders -Credit:BBC
Billy is left confused when Stevie calls him the wrong name in EastEnders -Credit:BBC

"Ted?" Billy asks with a worrying expression, "You just called me Ted", but his worries are cut short.

Trying to deflect his comment, Stevie replies: "You want to get down the doctors, get your lugholes washed out. You're hearing things."

Following Stevie's slip-up, EastEnders fans are now convinced he is suffering with memory loss, and possibly Alzheimer's which is why he recently reunited with Billy after being estranged for 25 years.

Taking to X, one viewer wrote: "So - Stevie seems to be having memory issues. Dementia storyline just in time to leave Billy with new family members? Maybe he wanted to make things up with his son before he couldn’t remember him anymore? #EastEnders."

A second predicted: "I think Stevie has Alzheimer's.#Eastenders", followed by sad face emojis. A third chimed in with: "Yeah I noticed that Stevie got Will's name wrong. I think a dementia storyline is in the works. #EastEnders have covered dementia before with Tina's mum Silvie and they covered the story well."

""Has Stevie got dementia or Alzheimer’s?!#EastEnders", asked another fan while another echoed: "Does Stevie have dementia or something? #EastEnders."

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