EastEnders fans spot Johnny Carter blunder 'that will expose The Six' for Keanu's murder

Johnny Carter warns off Callum Highway in EastEnders
-Credit: (Image: BBC)

EastEnders fans are convinced Johnny Carter has accidently exposed his mum Linda for killing Keanu Taylor. During Monday's trip to Walford (June 17) the locals celebrated Father's Day but Karen Taylor was left picking her up son's ashes from the funeral parlour.

The grieving mum stewed over Dean Wicks' recent comments pointing the finger at Linda for Keanu's murder. While Bernie Taylor tried to tell her mum how Dean was evil, Karen wouldn't drop Dean's comments and headed over to the pub to speak to Linda herself.

In The Queen Vic, Karen told Johnny and Linda that she has been to see Dean who is on remand for Keanu's murder before copper Callum Highway jumped in and pointed out a victim's family shouldn't speak to the accused. But Karen confessed she had lied to get into the prison to ask Dean to confess to killing Keanu.

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Karen Taylor has words with Linda Carter during Monday's episode of EastEnders
Karen Taylor has words with Linda Carter during Monday's episode of EastEnders -Credit:BBC

Karen then explained that Dean had said that Linda was lying about seeing him on the night of Keanu's murder. Linda denied the claim and lied her way out of the conversation but Callum was not convinced.

"He is evil, twisted, he needs to be locked up whatever it takes", Linda told Karen as Callum looked on with a suspicious expression. A short while later, Callum went to speak to Karen in the café.

"All this stuff about Dean, old bill hat on what do you think?", she asked Callum. But he replied that he couldn't comment on the case but said it looked "water tight", although he looked unsure.

Johnny also wondered into the café and came face to face with Callum. Speaking about Karen, Johnny said: "Get her to back off. Mum has got enough on her plate right now, without being accused of lying to the police. So seriously Callum just keep her away."

Callum speaks to Karen as he grows suspicious of Linda Carter
Callum speaks to Karen as he grows suspicious of Linda Carter -Credit:BBC

Johnny's demands left Callum looking confused and has sparked suspicion. According to EastEnders viewers, Johnny's words could expose Linda as Keanu's murder. Taking to X, one person wrote: "Johnny could've kept quiet but instead he's made Callum suspicious..."

A second stated: "Make no wonder Callum got suspicious Johnny made it so obvs that they were hiding something the way he was talking to him #EastEnders". While a third chimed in with: "Does Johnny WANT his mum to get caught? he’s just making Callum more suspicious by being overprotective for wanting Karen gone."

"Everyone needs to apologise to Linda, she kept her cool for once and now here’s Johnny and Sharon losing their heads #EastEnders", exclaimed one viewer. "Hmm...that sounds like something someone keeping a big secret would say...right Johnny? #EastEnders", pointed out another.

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