EastEnders fans in stitches as Phil makes a VERY unexpected enemy

 Phil Mitchell is hiding something in EastEnders.
Phil Mitchell is hiding something in EastEnders.

EastEnders fans were not expecting to see Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden) make a surprising new enemy in the form of Felix Baker (Matthew Morrison) and branded their scenes as "comedy gold" during tonight's episode (Wednesday, December 6).

Walford hardman Phil was determined to get answers after finding out that Keanu Taylor (Danny Walters) and Karen Taylor (Lorraine Stanley) staged Albie's kidnapping and had stolen his 50 grand ransom money.

Karen first sparked Phil's suspicions when she started splashing the cash and gave his wife Kat Slater (Jessie Wallace) a wad of cash to pay for the damage Mitch Baker (Roger Griffiths) had done after he crashed into one of her cabs.

However, Phil was furious when he discovered that Karen had paid Kat with his own marked bills that he used to do the drop.

While Kat was in disbelief and demanded for more proof, Phil recruited the help of his sister Sam Mitchell (Kim Medcalf) to find out more.

Phil soon got the evidence he needed to prove that Karen and Keanu staged Albie's kidnap when Sam found a picture online of Albie and Karen's brother-in-law Malcolm together during the dates he was supposedly taken.

Phil Mitchell talking to Tara Misu at the doorstep.
Phil Mitchell talking to Tara Misu at the doorstep.

Now that Phil suspected the truth, he was determined to prove it and went to search the Arches after secretly swiping the key from Sharon Watts' (Letitia Dean) desk.

Kat interrupted him at the Arches and suggested that if he and Karen were hiding the money, it would be closer to home.

Taking her advice onboard, Phil knocked on Karen's door and Felix answered the door dressed as his drag queen alter ego Tara Misu.

As Phil tried to make his way into the house, Tara Misu stood in his way and insisted that he come back later as Karen wasn't in.

The pair then got into a hilarious showdown, as Phil asked: "Well, what's the point of me going home and coming back again?"

"Well, there's kids in the house and the last thing that Mack and Mia need is some dodgy geezer around," Tara Misu clapped back.

"Would have thought they'd have been used to that by now. Do you always get done up like that, do you, when you're babysitting?" Phil questioned.

Phil tried to barge his way into the house once again as Tara Misu stopped him, asking what his problem was.

Phil Mitchell and Tara Misu have a hilarious exchange.
Phil Mitchell and Tara Misu have a hilarious exchange.

"You'll be the one with the problem in a minute," Phil replied.

"I bet you've had a lot of tasty little dust-ups in your time, yeah?" Tara Misu quipped.

Tara Misu then left the gangster speechless with her sassy comment as she pulled out her phone and told him: "In fact, I bet there ain't a villain in London that you haven't tangled with at one point or another... but I'll also bet you've never tangled with a drag queen before. And that's a picture that I would pay to see. I bet a lot of people would pay to see that around here. Phil Mitchell getting all down and dirty with Tara Misu."

Lost for words, an embarrassed Phil left and was forced to rethink his plan.

Fans couldn't stop laughing at Phil and Felix's hilarious exchange and begged for more scenes between the two unlikely characters...

EastEnders continues tonight at 7:30pm on BBC One.