EastEnders' Max Branning To Get Revenge On Ian Beale?

Good news EastEnders’ fans - Max Branning is fi-na-lly due to be released from prison this month and, as you might expect, he is not a happy bunny.

In case you missed it, the bad boy businessman was jailed for murdering Lucy Beale last year, despite everybody knowing that he was totally innocent and it was really her evil younger brother Bobby who’d done the deed.

Half the square already seemed to know that Bob was the real culprit but it wasn’t until the twelve-year-old turned himself into the police after battering his mum Jane that his crime was taken seriously.

Now Max is due to be released and actor Jake Wood has admitted that he hopes Max will be getting revenge on Ian Beale after he knowingly let him go down for a crime he didn’t commit.

Jake explained: “Hopefully Max will get out and cause some havoc. Hopefully he’ll come out of jail looking for revenge. I’d like to see him go after Ian for setting him up.”

And as it happens, Ian is in the firing line for some jail time, with the restaurant owner due to face the consequences for perverting the court of justice for protecting Bobby from the police.

In short, it’s all going on in Walford this summer…