EastEnders newcomer Teddy 'set for explosive affair' leaving Billy devastated

EastEnders enthusiasts are speculating that the new Mitchell brother, Teddy, is on the brink of a steamy affair - and it's not looking good for Billy.

The soap newcomer, portrayed by Roland Manookian, made his first appearance this week. Teddy arrived in Walford with his sons Harry (Elijah Holloway) and Barney (Lewis Bridgeman), searching for their father Stevie (Alan Ford).

As viewers will remember, Stevie is Billy Mitchell's (Perry Fenwick) estranged father who showed up in the square earlier this year hoping to reconcile. The elder man ended up in hospital recently after being hit by his grandson Will (Freddie Phillips).

In Thursday's episode (June 27), which is already available on BBC iPlayer, Stevie was visited by his son Teddy and grandsons Harry and Barney. After seeing Will talking to Stevie, Teddy was determined to uncover the truth.

Teddy made his EastEnders debut this week -Credit:No credit

He went to Walford to dig deeper, while his sons Harry and Barney socialised with the other residents. Teddy managed to sneak into Billy's house after finding a spare key hidden under a plant pot, reports the Daily Star.

Once inside, he began snooping around but was interrupted by a surprised Honey (Emma Barton), fresh from the shower and clad in her dressing gown. She ordered Teddy to leave, and he promptly did so.

He caught Honey by surprise -Credit:No credit

However, the drama escalated when Billy discovered that Will had been chatting to a 'random man' at the Queen Vic. Billy and the rest of the Mitchells rushed over to find Will in conversation with Teddy.

In a jaw-dropping turn of events, Stevie let the cat out of the bag to everyone that Teddy and Billy are actually siblings. In the episode aired on Friday (June 28), which was made available on BBC iPlayer a day earlier, the newfound brothers initially butted heads.

The whole clan gathered at Phil's place to hash things out, with Stevie confessing to a past romance with Teddy's mum. After some tension, Billy extended an olive branch to Teddy, leading to a reconciliation that left Stevie chuffed.

Fans are convinced Honey and Teddy will have an affair -Credit:No credit

Yet, EastEnders enthusiasts are bracing themselves for potential drama as they speculate that Teddy might make moves on Honey, who is currently in a relationship.

On an EastEnders discussion board, one viewer exclaimed: "Honey is going to sleep with Teddy? ! " Another chimed in with: "Does anyone else think.."

A third added their thoughts: "probably. How long has it been since either she or Billy had an affair? Assume they're probably overdue one."

Meanwhile, another fan cautioned: "And Honey better not cheat on Billy with his own brother, I've only just forgiven her for me getting with Jay ffs."

EastEnders airs Monday to Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One and BBC iPlayer