EastEnders: Roxy and Ronnie Mitchell to be killed off

Love them or hate them, you can’t deny that Ronnie and Roxy Mitchell leaving EastEnders is going to be the end of an era for the BBC One soap, especially now that we have learned that it’s going to be a permanent departure.

Well, let’s be honest, the two characters have left and rejoined Albert Square so much over the past few years that them leaving again wasn’t exactly the biggest of deals…

Actresses Rita Simons (Roxy) and Sam Womack (Ronnie) are said to be upset by the news that the Mitchell sisters are being bumped off as they’d hoped to have the option to return at some stage in the future.

Other cast members are also said to be disappointed that they were not consulted about the deaths.

A source shared: “Everyone’s in shock. The cast are really upset as it’s come out of the blue.”

The exit comes under new producer Sean O’Connor’s ruling, with Sean already killing off much-loved character Paul Coker as well as announcing the departures of other favourites, including Babe Carter, Masood Ahmed, Lee Carter, Claudette Hubbard, Buster, Briggs, Pam and Les Coker and Kyle Slater.

The insider added to The Sun: “People are worried who’s going to be next. The script for Roxy and Ronnie’s deaths has been written, but none of the actors know what’s going to happen.”

A spokesperson for the BBC refused to comment, saying: “We know how much our audience hate to have any future storylines spoilt so we will not comment on speculative stories.

“At no point have we received any concerns from cast about any of our future storylines.”

Ronnie and Roxy arrived in Albert Square back in 2007, with each leaving and rejoining the soap multiple times over the years.