EastEnders: Ryan Malloy Makes Shock Return As Stacey Gets Sectioned

EastEnders fans had to endure an emotional roller-coaster last night, with the surprise re-introduction of Ryan Malloy to the E20 postcode.

Yes, one of Walford’s Top 5 fittest men ever returned to Walford amidst dramatic scenes which saw Stacey Branning – the mother of his daughter, Lily – sectioned after struggling to deal with the effects of postpartum psychosis.

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Regular viewers will know that Ryan hasn’t seen Lily since she was a baby (well, apart from that one time when he was on screen in 2014 watching her from afar), but after receiving a call from his half-sister Whitney Dean, he rushed to be by his daughter’s side.

Greeted by Whitney at The Vic, Ryan reassured former Walford Nativity 2K15 star Lily that “Daddy’s here now” after she’d had to witness her mother’s disturbing breakdown.

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Speaking to the Mirror, an insider hinted that Ryan’s return will have huge repercussions: “Ryan makes a brief return to the Square but it’s not plain sailing.

“He’s going to find himself in some difficult situations and it’s going to cause a lot of drama for Whitney!

"She reached out to him for the sake of Lily and didn’t really think about the consequences.”

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Hopefully, the consequences involve Ryan – played by Neil McDermott – getting his shirt off on semi-regular occasions throughout 2016.

‘Enders bosses are in the habit of giving the audience shocking surprises at the moment, with the surprise re-introduction of Peggy Mitchell last week and Jack Branning in December, as well as announcing the return of bald icon Grant Mitchell in the press last week.