EastEnders spoilers: Shock arrival at Dot’s funeral, Lauren and Mary the punk return

These are the big EastEnders spoilers for 12-15 December 2022. (BBC)
These are the big EastEnders spoilers for 12-15 December 2022. (BBC)

On EastEnders next week, the send-off for the beloved Dot brings with it a fair few surprises, plus Janine is putting extra pressure on Mick.

Read on for a full rundown of EastEnders spoilers for 12-15 December 2022.

Dot’s funeral drama revealed

EastEnders,12-12-2022,6606,Colin (LORD MICHAEL CASHMAN);Sharon Watts (LETITIA DEAN);Zack Hudson (JAMES FARRAR),***EMBARGOED TILL SATURDAY 3RD DECEMBER 2022***, BBC, Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron

The day of Dot’s funeral dawns with Sonia still not having written the eulogy. And after going in search of inspiration, Sonia ends up letting herself in to the laundrette, where Martin finds her and offers the advice that she should speak from the heart.

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Meanwhile, as the residents of Albert Square line the streets, several old faces return to pay their respects. Lauren will be there to represent the Brannings, while Colin is also back and is soon filling Sharon in what’s going on in his life.

EastEnders,12-12-2022,6606,Colin (LORD MICHAEL CASHMAN);Mary Smith (LINDA DAVIDSON),***EMBARGOED TILL SATURDAY 3RD DECEMBER 2022***, BBC, Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron
Colin (Lord Michael Cashman) and Mary (Linda Davidson) at Dot's funeral. (BBC)

There’ll also be appearances from Mary and Disa, as well as Lofty, who turns up at the church very late and just at the moment when Sonia is about to deliver her tribute. And watch out too for a cameo from Barry Clark, who’s obviously done well for himself as he arrives in a very flash car. There in spirit, too, will be Jim, who son Jack pays tribute to as Dot’s true love.

Meet Dot’s great nephew Reiss

EastEnders,23-11-2022,6606,Reiss Colwell (JONNY FREEMAN), BBC, Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron
Reiss Colwell (JONNY FREEMAN) (BBC)

There’s also a surprise mourner at the funeral in the form of Reiss Colwell, who reveals to Sonia that he’s Dot’s great nephew.

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After introducing themselves to each other, Reiss and Sonia head to No 25 to share a cup of tea, only to be interrupted when Jack and Patrick bring the wake to the house. However, at the end of this emotional day, Sonia will find herself back in the orbit of Reiss, the two of them sharing a moment…

What does Dot’s last will and testament reveal?

EastEnders,12-12-2022,6606,Sonia Fowler (NATALIE CASSIDY),***EMBARGOED TILL SATURDAY 3RD DECEMBER 2022***, BBC, Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron

Sonia will also be seen asking Reiss to stay in Walford as a source of support when she attends Dot’s will reading – Sonia’s fear being that she’ll be made homeless when Dotty inherits the house.

For her part, Dotty is excited by the prospect of selling the property and then travelling around the world. But surprises could be in store when Dot’s solicitor Kenneth Foskett divulges his client’s last wishes.

Linda panicked by Lauren’s return

EastEnders,15-12-2022,6609,Linda Carter (KELLIE BRIGHT);Mick Carter (DANNY DYER),***EMBARGOED TILL SATURDAY 3RD DECEMBER 2022***, BBC, Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron
Linda Carter (KELLIE BRIGHT); Mick Carter (DANNY DYER) (BBC)

Due to her history with Max, we’ll see Linda left panicked by the return of Lauren, who chastises her for breaking her dad’s heart.

Janine, meanwhile, is pressing Mick to tell Linda about the wedding, but he wants to wait until the funeral is over. Feeling increasingly spiteful, Janine then asks Kathy to cater for the nuptials, knowing full well that Linda can hear.

So, when Mick later blurts out the news, his ex tells him she already knows. Linda then comments that if Mick is happy, then she offers her congratulations. But is he? And how will Mick react when Janine subsequently tires of Linda’s presence at the pub and asks him to buy her out?

Alfie and Kat get nostalgic

EastEnders,15-11-2022,6591,EastEnders|Alfie Moon (SHANE RICHIE),***STRICTLY EMBARGOED TILL TUESDAY 8TH NOVEMBER***, BBC, Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron

Kat and Alfie are reminiscing about Nana Moon and reflecting on her dying wish that they be together. Later on, when Phil refuses to pick up her calls, a frustrated Kat is asked by Alfie whether she’s happy with her decision to marry him.

The challenges of being Phil’s other half also loom large during a heated conversation between Kat and Sharon. But once the dust settles, Kat reassuringly tells Sharon that she will find love again. But Sharon is adamant about her future: she doesn’t need a man.

By the week’s end, the panto auditions have also begun in earnest, and Alfie is determined to cast Kat as Snow White opposite himself. But when Honey wows the crowd with her try-out, Sharon over-rules Alfie and hands her the role rather than Kat.

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