EastEnders spoilers: Lola’s cancer heartbreak, Kheerat and Ravi fight

EastEnders spoilers (BBC)
These are your EastEnders spoilers for 24-27 October 2022. (BBC)

Lola gets worrying news at the hospital following a shock collapse on EastEnders next week, plus Kheerat fights it out with Ravi.

It’s your EastEnders spoilers guide for 24-27 October 2022.

Lola is told she has a tumour

EastEnders,25-10-2022,6579,Lola Pearce (DANIELLE HAROLD),***EMBARGOED TILL TUESDAY 18TH OCTOBER 2022*** , BBC, Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron

Following an emergency to fix her torn dress, Lexi gets to attend her pageant – but just as the performance is about to get underway, mum Lola will be seen experiencing a dizzy spell before collapsing due to a seizure.

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It’s Jay and Ben who’ll find Lola on the floor. And after she’s rushed to hospital in an ambulance, doctors complete a CT scan and then reveal to Lola and Jay that they’ve found a tumour which may be cancerous.

Ben, meanwhile, has some bad news to share with Callum, which he gets to do in Tuesday’s episode. But what is it that he has to say?

Lily is left upset

EastEnders,17-10-2022,6574,Stacey Slater (LACEY TURNER);Lily Slater (LILLIA TURNER),***EMBARGOED TILL TUESDAY 11TH OCTOBER 2022***, BBC, Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron
Stacey Slater (LACEY TURNER);Lily Slater (LILLIA TURNER) (BBC)

Kheerat offers to help Stacey by bringing Lily and Nugget together over a milkshake. But when Lily realises that Kheerat has manipulated the situation just to speak to Nugget himself, she decides to leave.

The next day, Stacey can see Lily is upset, and those tears turn to anger when she discovers that Kheerat lied about Nugget having feelings for her. Cue Stacey chucking a drink over Kheerat for his conniving.

Ravi tries to kiss Stacey

EastEnders,27-10-2022,6581,EastEnders|Ravi Gulari (AARON THIARA),***STRICTLY EMBARGOED UNTIL 18TH OCTOBER 2022***, BBC, Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron
Ravi Gulari (AARON THIARA) (BBC)

Tensions continue to bubble between Kheerat and Ravi, with the stresses intensifying when two police officers turn up with news that they’re now investigating Ranveer’s disappearance.

As it turns out, it’s Nina who’s reported Ranveer as missing, but when Ravi confronts her in private, she reminds him that this is all part of the plan.

Kheerat, though, is getting increasingly suspicious, especially when Ravi tries to downplay the seriousness of the situation. But matters get even more dire between the two men when Ravi later makes a play for Stacey and tries to kiss her!

By the week’s end, Kheerat will have discovered all about both Ranveer’s attempt to sexually assault Suki and Ravi’s attempt to seduce Stacey. And Thursday’s drama sees Kheerat come to blows with Ravi outside the pub.

Harvey accuses Dotty of theft

EastEnders,26-05-2022,6493,Harvey Monroe (ROSS BOATMAN),***EMBARGOED TILL TUESDAY 17TH MAY 2022***, BBC, Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron
Harvey Monroe (ROSS BOATMAN) (BBC)

Harvey needs a confidence boost, so Rocky and Zack will be seen trying to encourage him to strike up conversation with some women at Peggy’s. But when Harvey then hears Dotty badmouthing him, his already fragile ego gets a further dent.

Later in the week, Dotty tries to apologise to Harvey, but he ignores her. And when his wallet goes missing, he accuses Dotty of being the thief and heads to the police station to report her.

A surprise for Whitney

EastEnders,26-10-2022,6580,EastEnders|Finlay Baker (ASHLEY BYAM);EastEnders|Felix Baker (MATTHEW MORRISON);EastEnders|Whitney Dean (SHONA MCGARTY),****EMBARGOED TILL TUESDAY 18TH OCTOBER 2022*** , BBC, Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron
Finlay Baker (ASHLEY BYAM); Felix Baker (MATTHEW MORRISON); Whitney Dean (SHONA MCGARTY) (BBC)

Felix and Finlay move into Chelsea’s home and Whitney gets a shock when she returns to the house and finds them there.

Before too long, Whit is confronting Chelsea in the Queen Vic about being kept in the dark about the new living arrangements. But the situation soon improves – first, when Whitney starts flirting with Finlay, and then later, when Felix organises a housewarming dinner.

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