EastEnders spoilers: The Queen Vic is trashed, Cheryl Baker cameos

These are the EastEnders spoilers you need to know for the week of 8-11 May 2023. (BBC)
These are the EastEnders spoilers you need to know for the week of 8-11 May 2023. (BBC)

It's a high-profile week of drama on EastEnders with Linda’s mother Elaine unveiled as the new co-owner at the Queen Vic.

Plus Bucks Fizz singer Cheryl Baker plays herself at a Eurovision party, while Sonia and Ben are both losing their temper.

Full spoilers ahead for all this and more as we give the lowdown on the week of 8-11 May 2023.

New Queen Vic co-owner revealed to be Linda’s mum Elaine

EastEnders,10-05-2023,6695,Linda Carter (KELLIE BRIGHT);Sharon Watts (LETITIA DEAN);Elaine Peacock (HARRIETT THORPE),****EMBARGOED TILL TUESDAY 2ND MAY 2023****, BBC, Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron
Linda Carter (KELLIE BRIGHT); Sharon Watts (LETITIA DEAN); Elaine Peacock (HARRIETT THORPE) (BBC)

Linda is struggling to be honest with Sharon about her plan for the pub as the Panesars to continue to act as though the deal is done. But after getting in touch with her mystery bidder, Linda comes clean and pulls out of the deal with Nish and Suki – a move that also results in her scrapping with Sharon.

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So, who exactly has got their hands on the Queen Vic. Well, it’s none other than Linda’s mum Elaine, who’ll be unveiled on Wednesday as the new co-owner.

In the wake of this big reveal, Nish will find that his intimidation tactics don’t work on Elaine. But she and Linda are set to be left rattled when the pub is trashed during the night by mystery intruders – a glass flamingo that Nish previously gifted Linda and Elaine pointedly left on the bar.

Cheryl Baker arrives in Walford

EastEnders,11-05-2023,6696,Cheryl Baker;Kathy Beale (GILLIAN TAYLFORTH),***EMBARGOED TILL FRIDAY 28TH APRIL 2023****, BBC, Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron
Cheryl Baker; Kathy Beale (GILLIAN TAYLFORTH) (BBC)

Kathy has plans for a Eurovision-themed birthday bash, at which Rocky is scheduled to arrange a special performance. But when Sonia pulls out, Rocky begs Jean to take part before putting in a call to an old contact.

At the last minute, though, Jean decides to take to the stage, but she’s stopped in her tracks by Rocky’s mystery guest: Bucks Fizz star Cheryl Baker, who’s set to cameo as herself in Thursday’s episode.

Sonia banishes Reiss

EastEnders,08-05-2023,6693,Reiss Colwell (JONNY FREEMAN);Rocky (BRIAN CONLEY),****EMBARGOED TILL TUESDAY 2ND MAY 2023****, BBC, Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron

Sonia’s birthday coincides with the coronation. And while there are big celebrations in the Vic, Sonia herself finds herself facing misery when a confession from Reiss leaves her devastated.

EastEnders wants Reiss’s words kept under wraps, but they result in Sonia exploding with anger and ordering Reiss out of her life. The next day, Eve will be seen taking pity on Reiss after discovering that he’s slept all night in his car. And after Reiss unburdens himself, Eve heads off to find Sonia in order to recommend that she hear him out. But is Sonia in any mood to listen?

A panicked Kim heads to court

EastEnders,09-05-2023,6694,Denzel (JADEN LADEGA);Kim Fox (TAMEKA EMPSON),****EMBARGOED TILL TUESDAY 2ND MAY 2023****, BBC, Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron

Kim’s stress levels are skyrocketing and, on Tuesday, she’ll be observed by Denzel having a full-blown panic attack. His advice? That she should tell Howie, but when it comes to the crunch, Kim opts not to share.

On the day of her court appearance, Kim again suffers a panic attack, but is later touched to find Howie and Denzel wanting to accompany her. But as Kim’s case goes before a judge, the verdict leaves everyone speechless…

Has Ben reached breaking point?

EastEnders,11-05-2023,6696,Ben Mitchell (MAX BOWDEN),****EMBARGOED TILL TUESDAY 2ND MAY 2023****, BBC, Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron
Ben Mitchell (MAX BOWDEN) (BBC)

Ben is going all-out to do everything he can to help Jay and Lola, but a worried Callum tells him he needs to slow down.

Thursday’s drama then sees him organising Kathy’s party, only for Jay to drop in and ask him to take Lexi along as Lola is too tired. But it’s all too much for Ben, who ends up breaking down with exhaustion before turning up for the do without Lexi in tow.

Struggling with Jay and Lola’s annoyance, Ben then starts necking the drinks before getting in to a fight with Vinny. And as Lola screams at him to stop, Ben realises he’s gone too far.

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