Eastenders star Melissa Suffield rushed to hospital after slipping on child’s toy


A former Eastenders star was rushed to hospital after slipping on her child’s toy as she came in from weeding the garden.

Melissa Suffield, who played Lucy Beale in the series, said she had finished cleaning her backyard ahead of the heatwave when she slipped and “busted” her ankle on her one-year-old son River’s toy.

Posting from the back of a car on Monday, she wrote on Instagram: “On my way to the hospital, hopefully I’ll be one of the first ones in and I can get back home before it gets too hot.

“Also hopefully, it’s not anything too serious. I’m able to bear a small amount of weight on it this morning but it’s very painful.”

She added: “I can’t move my foot in a couple of directions. So best to check it out.”

Melissa on the way to hospital (Instagram)
Melissa on the way to hospital (Instagram)

Later, she posted her X-ray results revealing there had been no break to her foot as she relaxed by the paddling pool in her Kent garden.

“So basically RICE, and keep it extra cool in this heat as it is MEGA swollen still,” she told her followers.

“She said, ‘hopefully see some improvement and normal walking in four weeks’.

“I’m like, um, I have 12 days until I’m solo again. So healing thoughts please! So healing thoughts please!

“Also for all their uselessness on a weekend, I was checked in, seen by minor injuries, xrayed, seen by minor injuries again, and discharged in under an hour.

“Excellent work all round. Time to get in the paddling pool and keep that ankle cool!”