EastEnders viewers needed to 'wash their eyes out' after Priya and Nish kiss

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EastEnders viewers were left cringing behind their cushions as Priya Nandra-Hart, portrayed by Sophie Khan Levy, turned temptress with her ex-father-in-law, Nish Panesar.

Sophie Khan Levy's character Priya made a splash on the Square last year alongside her daughter Avani (played by Aaliyah James), arriving as Ravi's (Aaron Thiara) former flame and the mother of his previously unknown child.

Ravi was gobsmacked to discover he had a secret daughter, a revelation that sent shockwaves through the Panesar household. It wasn't long before Priya and Avani stirred up a storm of drama.

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Priya's stint in Walford has been anything but calm, with family feuds and romantic entanglements aplenty. And it seems the excitement is far from over.

The Panesar patriarch, Nish Panesar, played by Navin Chowdhry, recently rocked back into the soap with a bombshell - he's terminally ill. This news has caused a rift within the Panesar family, leading Ravi and Vinny to bury the hatchet, reports the Daily Star.

In the episode dropped on iPlayer on Monday, July 1, Priya made a bold move towards Nish, offering him a deal to ensure her family's financial stability.

After Avani caught her using Suki's credit card, Priya received a stern warning not to jeopardise their newfound stability with the Panesars. Undeterred, she took a gamble and offered to make Nish's final months "enjoyable" at a price, of course.

Nish initially resisted Priya's advances, but after catching a glimpse of his ex-wife Suki and her new flame Eve looking cosy, he had a change of heart. Back at No. 41, Nish's flirtations escalated as he called Priya a "bad girl" and provocatively suggested she remove her top. The tension culminated in a kiss that certainly set tongues wagging among the viewers.

Fans were left cringing at the scene, with one viewer taking to a Reddit thread to express their discomfort: "Feel like I need to wash my eyes out after today's episode - why Priya."

Another was left questioning their reality, commenting: "Did I smoke something I wasn't supposed to because what the f*** was this episode."

Yet, amidst the shock, the focus shifted when the couple's illicit kiss was accidentally seen by Nish's grandson and Priya's son, Nugget. Tragically, Nugget then collapsed, suffering from the side effects of steroid misuse.

The incident sparked reactions from other viewers, with one imagining Nugget's horror: "Imagine seeing your mum cop off with your grandad..." Another bluntly criticized the storyline: "Getting off with the mother of your grandkids, it's just filth like wtf is going on."