EastEnders viewers want Mel to take down her Christmas tree

Many fans posted messages about the festive decorations on Twitter.

EastEnders fans were baffled when they spotted Mel Owen had not yet taken down her Christmas decorations.

Mel (Tamzin Outhwaite) had a traumatic time over the festive season, covering up the murder of Ray Kelly after he was killed by her son Hunter.

But people watching the BBC soap on Monday clearly did not think the drama excused her from taking down her tree and boxing up her baubles.

“Why’s Mels Christmas Tree still up?” asked one person on Twitter, while another said: “That’s just asking for bad luck!!”

“#EastEnders I know it’s been eventful what with the wedding and Hunter killing Ray, but Christmas decorations and it’s nearly February?” said another person.

One fan posted: “oooooooooh it’s really bugging me that there’s still christmas decorations up in Mel’s house.”

“Mel’s Christmas tree still being up is giving me anxiety,” said another viewer.

“They’ve still got their Xmas decorations up? It’s almost friggin February!” posted one fan, who then joked: “Mind you after all that shooting/killing/burying who’s gonna argue with them!”

EastEnders continues on BBC One.

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