EastEnders' Whitney Dean makes life-changing decision but fans 'point out' major flaw

Whitney Dean makes a huge decision during Wednesday's episode (May 22)
-Credit: (Image: BBC)

EastEnders aired a huge decision for Whitney Dean (Shona McGarty) as the new mum confirmed she is leaving Walford. During Wednesday's visit to the Square (May 22), the fallout between Whitney and former fiancé Zack Hudson (James Farrar) continued as she decided their relationship was over for good.

As fans of the BBC One soap will know Whitney was supposed to get her happy-ever-after as she wed Zack alongside their new baby Dolly and foster daughter Britney (Lola Campbell). But Whit's world came crashing down when mid-ceremony Britney told her how Zack had cheated with best friend Lauren Branning (Jacqueline Jossa).

Whitney tried to remain strong during tonight's episode but she received formal legal recognition of her late daughter Peach. Whit headed over to tell Zack the news and also informed him of an appointment to register Dolly on the same day.

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Zack Hudson tries to make-up with Whitney in EastEnders
Zack Hudson tries to make-up with Whitney in EastEnders -Credit:BBC

Once this was over, Zack offered to care for Dolly for a while longer while she got some rest and she agreed. Whit's ex-partner Callum Highway (Tony Clay) also checked in on her as she explained her special day registering Dolly's birth had been plagued by Zack's betrayal.

Whitney went on to retrieve baby Dolly from Zack and he made clear he wanted to see and care for their baby, leaving her uncomfortable. Later, Whitney apologised to a tearful Bianca for her remarks and she did in turn, before Whitney revealed that she would speak with Lauren about what happened.

In the Queen Vic, Whitney and Lauren shared a tense confrontation as Bianca watched on from the sidelines but things soon turned nasty. Whitney ordered Lauren out of her life and stated that her once best pal reminded her of her cheating dad Max Branning (Jake Wood).

Lauren and Whitney had a showdown during Wednesday's episode of EastEnders
Lauren and Whitney had a showdown during Wednesday's episode of EastEnders -Credit:BBC

Lauren fired back that Whitney had betrayed other people in the past and dropped-in her kiss with Mick Carter (Danny Dyer) and how his wife Linda Carter (Kellie Bright) forgave her. She also reminded Whit about the illegal fostering she had undertaken with Britney and how she had prized this over her relationship with Zack and pushed him away, with Lauren blaming her for the initial breakdown of her own relastionship.

Whit then headed to McKlunkys where caring Callum reassured her that she was a great and capable mum, even if she did it alone and without Zack which gave Whit food for thought. When Whit returned home where she overheard Bianca reminding Britney that they had to block Whitney from forgiving Zack.

Interrupting the pair, Whit confirmed that she wouldn't forgive Zack and didn't want to be around him. The proud mum then dropped an unexpected bombshell, she is going to leave Walford.

Whitney and Britney during Wednesday's episode of EastEnders
Whitney and Britney during Wednesday's episode of EastEnders -Credit:BBC

Despite Whit confirming her exit storyline as she deals with heartache, some EastEnders fans were left agreeing with Lauren, that she ended her relationship with Zack when she betrayed him by lying about fostering Britney legally.

Taking to X, one viewer wrote: "Team Whitney for buying a kid instead of discussing it with your partner like a reasonable adult or going through the proper channels to foster the kid is a choice! #EastEnders". A second stated: "Lauren was right to reveal that Whitney ‘stole’ Britney in tonight's ep but she seems to have forgotten that Whitney actually bought a child seeing as she gave Keeley £2000 to take Britney #EastEnders."

A third exclaimed: "Lauren’s right Whitney chose Britney over Zack long before she came along so Whitney’s not a saint in all of this, please for the love of god someone tell Whitney that Bianca knew so she can get the same treatment everyone else has got #EastEnders."

"Oooof Lauren kinda had a point with the whole Whitney and Mick thing... #Eastenders", added another. "Shut up Whitney. It is partly your fault and you know it. Zack asked you to concentrate on the family you already had and if you’d done that, no Zack & Lauren #EastEnders", said another.

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