EastEnders Whitney wedding dress scene outtake has star gasping 'I'm gonna wet myself' with laughter

Shona McGarty as Whitney Dean in the wedding dress scene in EastEnders
Shona McGarty as Whitney Dean in the wedding dress scene in EastEnders -Credit:BBC

EastEnders has left fans in stitches after sharing a hilarious outtake of a recent scene between Patsy Palmer as Bianca Jackson, Shona McGarty as Whitney Dean and Lola Campbell as Britney Wainwright.

During Monday's trip to Walford (May 13) in EastEnders, Whitney started preparing for her shotgun wedding to her cheating fiance Zack Hudson (James Farrar). In an attempt to help Whit have the perfect big day, Bianca and Britney stole decorative items from the market.

While the two looked over their new collection of blue vases and gold candlesticks taken from Billy Mitchell's (Perry Fenwick) antiques stall, Whitney made a grand entrance wearing her wedding dress. Standing in the kitchen, Bianca was floored by the beauty of her step-daughter while the bride-to-be looked so proud of herself.

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Bianca, Whitney and Britney during the outtake scene in EastEnders
Bianca, Whitney and Britney during the outtake scene in EastEnders -Credit:BBC

"I'm welling-up", said Bianca as Whitney replied: "We've come a long way since that bus stop", in a nod to terrible times when they were homeless and skint. Pregnant Whit then complained that her white wedding dress was a little tight and spun around so Bianca could take a look.

"Oh, it does look like it's coming away a little bit here at the seams", Bianca told the bride-to-be, "Let's go up and take it off, we don't want no accidents before the big day. And two hands are better than one."

Britney then remarked that her and Bianca didn't 'properly pay' for all of the wedding goods before Whitney realises that the candle sticks and vases have been nicked. In the outtake, Whit looks annoyed as she turns around and storms out of the kitchen, but her dress is hooked on a vegetable trolley.

As she walks into the hallway she drags the trolley behind her as Patsy Palmer bursts out laughing. Shona McGarty also breaks character and starts to chuckle as laughter could also be heard from behind the camera.

Watch the clip below

The director shouts 'cut', as Shona claps and says through her laugh: "I'm gonna wet myself!" Patsy then walks over to her co-star as they continue to giggle at each other and untangles the vegetable trolley from the dress.

Taking to Instagram to share the clip EastEnders wrote in the caption: "A little Lunchtime-LOL for you all! Watch until the end!", and their followers thought it was hilarious.

Taking to the comments, Stacey Slater actress Lacey Turner wrote: "TV gold" followed by a laughing face emoji. Patsy Palmer stated: "So funny", along with a string of clapping hand emojis, while one fan added: "This is hilarious."

Another fans simply added: "Love it", followed by a laughing face emoji. "Love it" said another as one person chimed in with: "Stop, that's hilarious."

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