Easyjet, Ryanair, and British Airways cancel Italy flights after 2 volcanos threaten to erupt

London travellers are facing delays after multiple airlines cancelled flights due to volcanic activity in southern Italy. No planes are landing at or leaving from Sicily's busiest airport, Catania, as there is volcanic ash on the runways after Mount Etna erupted.

According to Italian Airline ITA, Catania Airport is currently closed and flights are expected to resume at 3pm. Easyjet flights between Catania and Luton Airport have been rerouted, with passengers told they will instead need to travel home from Palermo - a four-hour drive away.

Ryanair flights from Luton and British Airways flights from Gatwick are also affected. Holidaymakers heading to Italy over the next few days are urged to check with their travel provider before leaving for the airport.

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Etna has seen intense activity over the last few days, including lava shooting into the sky and ash reaching almost three miles high. A second smaller volcano, Stromboli, on the north coast, also erupted and sent lava spilling into the Mediterranean Sea.

More delays are could happen as Italy's civil protection agency has issued a red alert for Stromboli and warned the situation could deteriorate.

Under European air passengers’ rights rules, travellers whose flights are cancelled should be flown to their final destination on an alternative flight as soon as possible.

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