Ed Balls makes hilarious X-rated request on Strictly Come Dancing

Former Labour politician Ed Balls accidentally put in a request for a man to play with his private parts backstage at Strictly Come Dancing.

Strictly Come Dancing's Katya Jones and Ed Balls at the TV Choice Awards: GETTY
Strictly Come Dancing’s Katya Jones and Ed Balls at the TV Choice Awards: GETTY

Ed was being photographed for the show with his professional partner Katya Jones when he noticed his suit was covered in fluff and called out for the wardrobe assisstant, who had the job of preening the celebrities.

Not knowing their name, he shouted for the “fluffer” man, but was left red faced later when it was explained to him the term ‘fluffer’ refers to the person who helps the star of a porn movie become aroused when they need to rise to the occasion.

Speaking at a Labour conference event, Ed recalled: “There was this guy that would come out who had this sort of thing to take lint off your jacket. He would come every time.

Ed Balls
Ed Balls

‘One time he didn’t come out, so I said to the director person before we do the next one I need the fluffer. They said ‘what?’ And I said ‘you know, the guy who comes and fluffs me’.”

He added: “Afterwards, when we were walking, the director said ‘I just need to say, in the world of film, light entertainment and other kinds of entertainment the word fluffer does not refer to the man with the lint. It refers to a man or woman, normally a man, who plays a different role for male actors in adult movies.’ I had no idea.’

Ed Balls on Strictly Come Dancing
Ed Balls on Strictly Come Dancing

You learn something new every day, Ed!

The politician admitted he has his work cut out for him with Katya, who is tough mentor, adding: ‘Katya’s a tough teacher. I’m used to it, the House Of Commons… is really heated. I’ve heard people shout even louder than you. I’m used to tough environments, let’s hope I can handle the pressure.’