Eddie Munson Is The Star Of Universal Halloween Horror Nights’ Stranger Things 4 House, And It Gave Me All The Feels

 Gaten Matarazzo and Joseph Quinn as Dustin and Eddie in Stranger Things
Gaten Matarazzo and Joseph Quinn as Dustin and Eddie in Stranger Things

SPOILERS are ahead for the Stranger Things 4 haunted house at Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights 2023, open in the Orlando and Hollywood theme parks throughout the spooky season. 

Ready to go back to the Upside Down? One of the most highly-anticipated theme park attractions of the year is Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Nights adaptation of Stranger Things 4, and after experiencing it myself, let me just say, it’s worth the roll of dice. After the third Stranger Things Universal Halloween Horror Nights was initially canceled back in 2020 due to COVID-19, a new house is finally here, and I especially have to talk about the Eddie Munson of it all.

Joseph Quinn’s Eddie Munson was (of course) the highlight of 2022’s two-part fourth season as he unexpectedly stole our hearts as the metal-loving high schooler and Hellfire Club member who got into the Vecna action. After going through every Halloween Horror Nights haunted house at Universal Orlando this season, which included The Last Of Us haunted house, I have to talk about why the Stranger Things attraction was the one that had me in my feelings. (No shot at The Last of Us house mind you.)

What Happens In The Universal HHN Stranger Things 4 House?

For starters -- and spoilers -- let me briefly describe what goes on in the haunted house. Stranger Things 4 actually begins from the perspective of Eddie Munson as he experiences Chrissy’s death in his trailer. The scare actor I came across during opening night of 2023’s Horror Nights completely embodied Eddie as he screamed in horror and watched Chrissy’s limbs crack together on the ceiling. It really set the scene for the melancholic, but very awesome haunted house that pays tribute to various scenes from the fourth season.

You can also look forward to seeing an amazing recreation of Eleven’s flashback moment with Henry Creel / Vecna, the gangs’ adventure into the Upside Down and Max’s viral “Running Up That Hill” moment. There’s also a gorgeous portrayal of Eddie Munson’s final moment in the Upside Down right before the “Master of Puppets” sequence alongside Dustin that doubtless Metallica would approve of.

Vecna in Stranger Things 4 haunted house 2023 Universal Studios
Vecna in Stranger Things 4 haunted house 2023 Universal Studios

Why The Scary Attraction Had Me Emotional Again About Eddie Munson

Look, I know a haunted house is supposed to make me tense and scared, and the Stranger Things 4 house does have those moments fans might want from an attraction like this. However, it's also a really beautiful tribute to a great television season -- and series -- that really made me feel like I was in the Upside Down and was going up against Vecna and such. It also meant there were a lot of emotions that emerged. Perhaps most of all, I walked away from the house in my feels about Eddie Munson himself.

Thanks to Joseph Quinn’s lovable performance and how he so quickly became part of the Stranger Things crew, and how he sold a character I could really relate to and feel for before so valiantly and heroically sacrificing himself, it really hit me why and how he is such an instantly iconic character in the franchise. Ergo, while you might come for the haunts of Horror Nights, the Stranger Things 4 attraction also paid tribute to the series in a way that brought out real emotion in me.

Plus, It's also just really awesome and fun and something cool to do while fans wait for Stranger Things Season 5. Plan to be there or be "scare." You can check out the Halloween Horror Nights website to learn how to get tickets to the seasonal event and catch up with Stranger Things with a Netflix subscription.