Edinburgh locals baffled by English street that has 'eery' resemblance to the New Town

Hamilton Square, Birkenhead
-Credit: (Image: Google maps)

A square in a town just outside Liverpool has left Edinburgh locals baffled with its 'uncanny resemblance' to Edinburgh.

The New Town in Edinburgh is known for its grand Georgian townhouses and was built between 1767 and 1850 as the city expanded. It retains most of its original buildings and attracts tourists all year round.

However, a square in Birkenhead, Wirral, was designed by a Scottish architect and has a spooky resemblance to Scotland's capital.

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Hamilton Square in Birkenhead contains 62 Grade one listed buildings, and a Grade two, including the town hall. The Victorian square was designed by the Scottish architect James Gillespie Graham who was known for his work in Edinburgh.

He designed the Moray Estate in 1822 and townhouses on St Colme Street, as well as building a house on 34 Albany Street, in the New Town where he and his wife lived for a number of years.

Hamilton Square's row of grand houses bears a striking resemblance to Scotland's capital city. The four-story townhouses dominate the square. Work was not complete until 1840, and the private gardens in the centre of the square did not open to the public until 1903.

One Edinburgh local said: "It's so eerie. It's literally a copy of the New Town in Edinburgh next to Liverpool."