Edinburgh tourist claims she was 'ignored by hotel staff' and branded food 'disgusting'

The guest slammed the hotel claiming staff "ignored" her and the food was "disgusting"
The guest slammed the hotel claiming staff "ignored" her and the food was "disgusting" -Credit:Google Maps

A tourist in Edinburgh has slammed a city hotel, branding it the "worst place they have ever had the misfortune to stay".

Janice P stayed at The Britannia Edinburgh hotel in April, and said staff were "dismissive", food was "disgusting", and claimed the furniture in the room was all broken.

The English tourist advised people that "there are many places to stay in Edinburgh, just do not choose this one". While she said several members of staff "ignored" her, she did praise two of them who were "the best thing about the hotel".

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Janice said: "This is the worst place I have ever had the misfortune to stay.

"When we checked in on Monday there were two young ladies and a gentleman in a suit, the girls did not look up from their chat and once the gentleman in the suit had dealt with another guest we moved towards him, I asked if we could check in, he did not speak for several minutes then asked my name, he continued on his computer while we waited.

"He asked for my name again and continued tapping away he gave me a room card, still no conversation, I had booked two rooms so I asked for the second room card, he asked for my name again, I attempted to show him my email hotel reservations receipt but he ignored me. Eventually he gave me another room card.

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"I asked what time dinner and breakfast was, one of the two girls advised of times, I enquired about our coach trip the next morning they knew nothing of this and couldn’t help. They did not greet us, nor explain anything, nor guide us to the rooms.

"The same reception staff double up as bar staff leading to long queues at both and to untrained staff doing a very poor job. They had no idea what a pint and a half was, they asked if we needed a bottle of beer opening, they served lager in bitter glasses, wine in gin glasses."

Janice said the food was kept "lukewarm" all evening, and claimed sitting in the dining area to have a drink left you "stinking of food smells". She branded the offerings "disgusting" and said she saw several food deliveries coming into the hotel.

She continued: "There was a man and young lady who covered breakfast everyday, these two are the best thing about this hotel, they kept the tables clean and clear, greeted everyone and were very helpful. The dining room was the most depressing room I have ever had the joy of dining in.

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"Our room was cell basic, no soft furnishings, a broken chair, a broken window with ill fitting curtains and blind letting in light and noise, the furniture was scratched, chipped dark and miserable, half the lights didn’t work and most were spot lights making the room too warm, the toilet struggled to flush wee so we dare not use it for anything else. The bath was chipped and stained so no lovely soak at end of a day, the shower was fixed very high up and my feet got slightly wet it had a curtain not a screen.

"The water from the tap trickled. The tea/coffee was never once replenished nor clean cups. I was not expecting luxury, however a warm welcome, information on times, lifts, rooms etc plus edible food and a small cosy bar was the minimum expectation. There are many many places to stay in Edinburgh, do your research but whatever you do, just do not choose this one."

Britannia Hotels have been approached for comment.