Education in the spotlight for voters in Bristol East

We went out onto the streets of Bristol East to ask voters what they think the next government needs to do to improve education.

The Bristol East constituency was recreated in 1983, covering the eastern part of the city. Since 2005 it has been represented in the House of Commons by Kerry McCarthy of the Labour Party. The constituency includes the City of Bristol wards of Brislington East, Brislington West, Easton, Knowle, Lawrence Hill, St. George Central, St George Troopers Hill, St George West, and Stockwood.

The Knowle ward, previously part of Bristol South, has also been incorporated. The constituency, however, will no longer include Eastville, Frome Vale, or Hillfields, which will now be a part of the re-established Bristol Northeast constituency.

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Bristol Live was in St George’s Park speaking to members of the community about how they thought the next government could improve education in Bristol and beyond.

Respondents had a range of suggestions, with nearly all interviewees highlighting how a lack of investment had been an issue and many wanting a more diverse curriculum. With, one person calling for a curriculum that is 'less focused on exams'.

Another expressed a straightforward solution: "Just fund them. It's not a hard question. Pay people properly and ensure students have enough support in their classrooms."

This respondent also pointed out the reluctance of both Labour and the Conservatives to discuss funding due to the difficult questions it would create about taxation. Additionally, one person emphasised the need for investment across all sectors and highlighted the importance of valuing teachers more.

Bristol Live previously reported on St George’s Trooper’s Hill ward having in the past seen extremely low voter turnout. The constituency’s boundaries have changed in this year's elections, with areas previously in the Bristol West constituency including Easton and Lawrence Hill being incorporated.

Candidates competing in Bristol East during July the 4th's general election include Independent Wael Arafat, Conservative Dan Conaghan, Clare Dunnage of the SDP, incumbent MP Labour’s Kerry McCarthy, Farooq Siddique, Ani Stafford-Townsend and Tony Sutcliffe of the Liberal Democrats.