Eight legged treats: Restaurant offers TARANTULA as a burger topping

The Tarantula Burger costs $30 (Picture: Bull City Burger and Brewery)

Waiter, there’s a spider on my burger.

A restaurant in North Carolina is offering customers the chance to chow down on tarantula.

Bull City Burger and Brewery in Durham has devised an eight legged burger that mixes cow with spider.

Its Tarantula Burger is on sale as part of its celebration of Exotic Meat Month.

The burger is available as part of Exotic Food Month (Picture: Bull City Burger and Brewery)

The spider burger is made from 100 per cent North Carolina beef, then topped with Gruyere cheese, a secret sauce and a whole oven-roasted zebra tarantula, which is “slightly salted and oven baked”.


Customers must enter a draw to get a chance to eat the spider burger (Picture: Bull City Burger and Brewery)

The burger costs $30 (£20) and is only available to 18 lucky – or unlucky? – customers, who will win the chance to eat it by entering a lottery.

If they eat the whole burger – spider legs and all – they win a T-shirt.

It is the second year that Bull City Burger has had the Tarantula Burger on its menu, which has also featured bison, turtle, iguana and snake.

Those who have tried the spider burger say it tastes a bit like crab, with each leg having its own distinctive flavour.