Elemental has set a new Disney+ record

Elemental has set a new Disney+ recordPixar

Elemental has set a new record for Disney+ following its recent debut on the platform.

The newest Pixar feature was released on the streamer last week, and it has already proved a huge success, with Disney revealing that it is the most-watched movie premiere of 2023.

Elemental took in 26.4 million views in its first five days of release, which also puts it in its Top 10 movie premieres of all time.


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On top of that, the film has also become the most-viewed animated movie premiere since last year's Turning Red, and is the most successful movie premiere of all time in Latin America.

It's quite the turnaround for the Pixar movie, which initially premiered to mixed reviews and a muted box office reception – though the film ended-up becoming a much bigger commercial hit by the end of its cinema run with a $480 million global haul.

The movie focuses on the growing love between two elemental beings, fire-being Ember (Leah Lewis) and water-being Wade (Mamoudou Athie), despite their families and cultures clashing.


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As well as the feature film, Disney+ has just debuted Up short Carl's Date, which initially premiered before Elemental in cinemas.

Meanwhile, earlier this year Pixar boss Pete Doctor admitted that releasing features straight to Disney+ during the COVID-19 pandemic caused issues for the studio, suggesting it had "trained audiences that these films will be available for you on Disney+".

"And it’s more expensive for a family of four to go to a theater when they know they can wait and it’ll come out on the platform," he told Variety.


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"We’re trying to make sure people realize there’s a great deal you’re missing by not seeing it on the big screen. In the case of Elemental, it’s a beautiful spectacle, there’s detail everywhere. I think you feel it more and it’s a better experience.

"There’s the shared experience as well, that you get to see it in a room with strangers, and there’s something about the energy that comes from other people that makes the whole experience more vibrant and interesting."

Elemental is streaming now on Disney+.

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