Ellen DeGeneres mocked for Playstation tweet: ‘You should ask Twitter to add a laugh track function to mask the unfunny’

Annabel Nugent
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Ellen DeGeneres faced many accusations of 'mean' behaviour earlier this year (Getty Images)
Ellen DeGeneres faced many accusations of 'mean' behaviour earlier this year (Getty Images)

Twitter users have lampooned Ellen DeGeneres after her joke about Playstation fell flat.

To commemorate the recent release of the Playstation 5, the television presenter posted a joke on social media comparing the frequency of iPhone updates with the lengthy wait between the release of gaming consoles.

DeGeneres said: “200 years in the future… ‘Honey, have you seen my iPhone 378? I need it to preorder my PS6.’”

It is safe to say that the joke fell short with Twitter’s gaming community. Internet celebrities such as OrdinaryGamers, Chris Ray Gun and CallMeCarson were among the thousands of users who mocked the chat show host.

“You should ask Twitter to add a laugh track function so it can mask the unfunny,” said OrdinaryGamers.

CallMeCarson shared DeGeneres’s post with his 1.4 million followers, responding with a brief clip poking fun at the talk show host.

Similarly, ChrisRayGun responded to the tweet with a short video of himself derisively laughing at the joke.

Other Twitter users replied to DeGeneres with a similar sentiment. One wrote sarcastically: “That’s so funny Ellen, I’m glad you post this epic comedian content!”

In a reply that has since received over 55,000 likes, another user responded with a clip from the cartoon Spongebob Squarepants. In it, the titular character is seen being heckled at his stand-up comedy act.

Earlier this month, DeGeneres’s chat show won a People’s Choice Award months after it was embroiled in a scandal over an allegedly “toxic” workplace environment.

Claims of bullying and misconduct behind the scenes of the popular daytime talk series led to three senior producers leaving The Ellen DeGeneres Show over the summer.

DeGeneres apologised to staff following an internal review, and addressed the claims on the opening monologue of her show when it returned this autumn.

Last month, however, it was reported that the show’s audience had dropped by 37 per cent in the wake of the bully and discrimination allegations behind the scenes.

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