'Embarrassed' Daisi sent £5.89 Vinted earrings in period pad package

A woman has been left "shocked" after her 'brand new' earrings from Vinted arrived in period pad packaging. Daisi Abdulla, 41, ordered the £5.89 multi-coloured earrings from a private seller on the online marketplace and thought little of it.

But when they turned up at her door, Daisi was greeted by a chuckling postman who handed over her earrings enclosed in the period pad packaging.

After the "embarrassing" interaction with the postman, Daisi posted a TikTok about her recent delivery - which has since racked up over one million views. While she regularly uses Vinted to buy and sell old items, Daisi believes the period packaging was "a bit much" as she didn't know where it had been.

Daisi, a finance worker, said: "When the postman handed it over he was just laughing. I was really shocked and embarrassed and I had no idea how that could happen. I sort of felt violated. It felt weird to have that sent to me. When I did the video I was still touching it and then touching my face and I didn't know where this bag had been. Especially if you're changing your pads, going into the bag, taking it out - it's not the most hygienic."

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