Emma Watson FaceTimed a fan to help her study for her exams

Emma Watson has a bit of a reputation for being brainy, playing know-it-all Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter series and often advocating education in social media posts and interviews.

However, one fan was left stunned when she got a motivational message from Emma whilst she was studying for her biology exam.

Emma was more than happy to offer advice.

Therese Kiara shared the news on her Facebook page, revealing that her mum had bumped into the actress in New York City and Em was more than happy to share some brief pearls of wisdom.

Writing about the incident, Therese shared: “I was just studying for my Bio exam when my Mom called to show Emma Watson standing behind her then she politely asked Emma if she can say hi to me on the cam. She was so kind and sweet.

“MOM: Hi, may I ask you for a favor? Can you please say Hi to my daughter? She wants to see you but she’s at home studying.

Emma knows the value of a good education.

“EMMA to me on Facetime: Sure! Hi! Study hard!


“Perfect motivation to study [sic]”.

We couldn’t agree more.

Back in 2014, Emma graduated from Brown University with a degree in English, proving that she is no stranger to the importance of studying in her real life as well as in the fictional Harry Potter world.

Therese’s post has gone viral.

Despite happily FaceTiming a fan, Emma previously admitted that she is not a fan of social media and that is why she keeps her usage of it to the bare minimum.

She explained: “For my sanity, I cannot even go there [and read comments on Instagram]. I have to create some distance because I’m human, you know?

“I think there is this way that, sometimes, technology can dehumanise and it’s like they’re saying something about someone that isn’t there, but I am there and I am real.

“So yeah, I have to create some distance for sure. I think it’s really important to be mindful – retaining your sanity in this industry is everything!”

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