Emma Willis And Rylan Clark-Neal Respond To Big Brother House Expansion Plans

Last week, it was revealed that Big Brother producers had submitted a planning application to expand the current Borehamwood house.

The plans sparked speculation that producers could be looking to build another house, potentially for a new twist, with the plans including a second garden with its own pool.


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The show’s host Emma Willis and Bit On The Side host Rylan Clark-Neal, though, have admitted that they know absolutely nothing about any kind of potential second house.

Speaking to Digital Spy at Channel 5′s rebrand, Rylan said: “I don’t know nothing about this…I’m all up for change!”

Emma added: “It depends what that is. I don’t know. How would two houses work?

“We never talk about the next series until that one’s done and I haven’t seen anyone until now, so if that’s happening I hope I find out soon, because I don’t know about it!”


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The duo also discussed how successful January’s Celebrity Big Brother was, with Emma saying: “We never thought that we would top Lee Ryan’s - I still call it Lee Ryan’s year, it’s Jim Davidson’s year really.

“And then when Perez went in and the two Katies, you didn’t think they’d top that, and then they’ve done it again.

“I think it’s down to the fact that it’s not about having superstar guests, it’s about having interesting celebs, whether they’re really well known or only known to a specific genre of people, or a smaller group of people, whether they’re still known in some way.


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“So it’s all in the casting and I have utter faith in them for that because they just keep getting it right.”

Rylan added: “I could easily have done another couple of weeks - easily. It was fantastic. Cast again impeccably well, and just characters that you never thought that you would maybe like initially you ended up loving, so it was just brilliant.”

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