Emmerdale bombshell as fan favourite dies leaving villagers heartbroken

Emmerdale aired emotional scenes during Monday's episode (July 1) of the ITV soap as Minty was confirmed dead leaving Isaac Dingle devastated.

Back in May, Moira and Cain Dingle were concerned over their young sons attachment to Minty the lamb, having told Isaac that the animal will be used for meat, despite him treating him as a pet. But Cain allowed his son to keep the little orphaned animal.

During the latest trip to the Yorkshire Dales, young Isaac was left shocked when he found the lamb had passed away. Only moments before Moira and Cain were in a disagreement over Matty after Cain gave him a pep talk about 'sticking up for himself' while he's in prison for stabbing Samson Dingle.

Since Matty was arrested, the Dingles have been divided with Moira knowing her son would never stabbed anyone. Cain at first supported his wife but the two have been at loggerheads as his support dwindled.

Isaac with his lamb
Emmerdale's Issac Dingle was left heartbroken over Minty's death -Credit:(Image: ITV)

As tensions between the couple continued to brew, Cain acknowledged that he had been to see Matty while Moira was beside herself with worry that an inmate may discover Matty is trans.

Cain tried to reassure his wife and explained that he had given Matty some sound advice and she wouldn't worry. Moira snapped back and accused him of not caring about her son and urged him to show support.

As the two continued to bicker Isaac came running frantically into the house."It's Minty. He's dead", Isaac exclaimed as he lept into his mum's arms and let out a cry.

Later in the episode, Cain comforted Isaac at they went to see Minty. "But I don't want him to be dead", the young lad heartbreakingly told his dad.

Moira then tried to help her son understand the lamb's sudden passing, "You know most orphaned lambs don't live as long as Minty", she told him as Isaac declared his love for his animal.

Cain then added that Isaac should be proud of himself for making Minty's short life so wonderful as the family hugged. Back at the house, Moira and Cain started to put their differences aside as they bonded over Isaac's dispair.

Cain reassured Moira she's a great mum and the couple said they were sorry for their recent actions towards one another.

"Death has a weird way of putting things into perspective", she told her husband as they reunited with a kiss.

Tom King in Emmerdale
Tom King in Emmerdale

However, Emmerdale fans were instantly left guessing that Tom King had killed the Dingle's lamb on purpose.

The villain has been pretending he cannot walk following his accident at the barn last week and has been using a wheelchair - with his wife Belle being non-the-wiser.

However, abusive Tom's antics are spiralling and now viewers are predicting he murdered Minty in a sick act. Taking to X, one person wrote: "So clearly, Tom killed Minty, so clearly Tom should be killed #Emmerdale."

Another stated: "Glad charity is starting to see through Tom and what's going on with poor Belle. Creep he is."

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