Emmerdale fans make dark prediction for Ethan as guilt starts to show

Ethan made it look as if Nicky had been driving before fleeing the scene of the crash -Credit:ITV/Emmerdale
Ethan made it look as if Nicky had been driving before fleeing the scene of the crash -Credit:ITV/Emmerdale

Emmerdale viewers think “Ethan needs to watch his back” as Caleb Dingle got one step closer to the truth about who was responsible for putting his son in hospital.

As viewers will know, Ethan and Nicky, Caleb’s son, were involved in a car crash in last night’s episode of the show. When Ethan, who was driving at the time, woke-up and found Nicky unresponsive, he panicked and made it look like Nicky had been driving, before fleeing the scene.

In tonight’s episode of the ITV show, Nicky’s parents, Caleb and Ruby, joined him in hospital after he had been placed in an induced coma. It was there that Caleb overheard doctors saying that alcohol had been in Nicky’s system at the time he driving. When he passed this information onto Ruby, she became furious and blamed Caleb for her son’s drinking.

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She told him she “would never forgive him” if Nicky didn’t make it through - and Caleb said he “wouldn’t forgive himself either.” But as the episode drew to a close, there was another big twist in store.

As Suni and a guilty-looking Ethan turned-up to visit Nicky in the hospital, Caleb and Ruby received the news that Nicky hadn’t been driving at the time of the accident. A police officer told them that his injuries were consistent with those of someone who had been sitting in the passenger side of the car.

Ruby said: “If he wasn’t driving then who was? Whoever was driving left him for dead, who would do that?” And Caleb added: “When I find them, whoever did it is going to wish they died in that accident.”

Meanwhile, Ethan was stood in the background. Viewers took to X, formerly known as Twitter, to say that “Ethan needs to watch his back” and questioned how long he will be able to “keep quiet” for.

@teenamassam tweeted: “Not sure how long Ethan will be able to keep quiet, the guilt will be too much for him… #emmerdale,” and @DionPetrie said: “Wait until they find out it’s your fault Ethan #Emmerdale.”

@RyanTheSoapking wrote: “The guilt is written all over Ethan's face. Why can't Suni put two and two together?,” and added: “Caleb should work it out - Ethan suddenly turns up out of the blue to see Nicky. He's showing a guilty conscience. Ethan needs to watch his back. #Emmerdale.”

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