Emmerdale fans say 'you little snitch' after cover up in Ethan plot twist

Charles (left) and Ethan (right) moments before the police showed up
Charles (left) and Ethan (right) moments before the police showed up -Credit:ITV/Emmerdale

ITV Emmerdale viewers have been left calling one character a "little snitch" after Ethan attempted to cover up his “mistake” in tonight’s plot twist.

As viewers will know, Ethan and Nicky, Caleb’s son, were involved in a car crash last week. When Ethan, who was driving at the time, woke-up and found Nicky unresponsive, he panicked and made it look like Nicky had been driving, before fleeing the scene.

In Friday’s episode of the show, Nicky was still unconscious in hospital as police revealed that it couldn’t possibly have been Nicky who was driving the car because his injuries were consistent with that of someone who had been sitting in the passenger side of the vehicle.

As Ethan began to look increasingly guilty, viewers were left questioning “how long it would take” for him to confess. And it turns out that it wasn’t long at all. In tonight’s episode of the ITV show , Ethan admitted to his father Charles, who is a vicar, that he was the one behind the wheel when the car crashed.

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Ethan said he panicked after simply “losing control of the vehicle” and that he thought he was “doing Nicky a favour” by driving - in order to get him to his boyfriend, Suni - despite driving under the influence of alcohol. Charles encouraged Ethan to ring the police, saying the “sooner he goes to the police the better”. But the young lawyer said he couldn’t risk losing everything, and revealed the real reason he’d confessed to his dad was to ask him to provide him with an alibi.

When Charles called him “selfish”, Ethan tried to defend his actions by saying he wouldn’t want Nicky to go to prison if it was the other way round, and begged his dad for help. But Charles remained firm and told him that he has to own up to his mistakes. A few moments later the police came knocking on the door and Charles told his son: “Sorry is not what you are, it’s what you do. We all have to live with the consequences of our actions.”

Ethan was bundled into the back of a police car by PC Swirling as shocked villagers watched on and Nicky’s mum, Ruby, screamed at him: “I hope you rot in hell.” Charles' actions divided viewers on social media. On X, formerly known as Twitter, some were left calling Charles a “snitch” while others said that he had now “gone up in their estimations”.

@unsworth1live wrote: “#Emmerdale Charles kills his dad and covered it up but Ethan has to be punished. Hypocrite!!!,” and @SARamsay1 tweeted: “Well done Charles! He's gone up in my estimation #Emmerdale.”

@EnfieldGarry said: “Charles called the cops on Ethan, wow. #Emmerdale,” and @TwellyWatcher added: “Charles has done the right thing. I respect him for that. #Emmerdale.”

@roscoeleebarnes tweeted: “Didn't take Charles long to grass up Ethan #Emmerdale,” while @EmperorMendoza said: “Never been a fan of Charles…until right now.” @ToddGM246 wrote: “Charles you lil snitch. Ethan told you that in confidence. #Emmerdale.”

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