'Emmerdale' fans in tears over Faith Dingle's heartbreaking seaside scenes

Faith Dingle was treated to a special day in Emmerdale. (ITV)
Faith Dingle was treated to a special day in Emmerdale. (ITV)

Emmerdale fans have shared how moving scenes involving Faith Dingle brought them to tears on Wednesday.

The ITV soap is set to bid farewell to the character, played by Sally Dexter, this week when her battle with terminal breast cancer comes to an end.

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In emotional scenes during Wednesday's episode, her family were determined to spend one last special day with her - but with Faith too ill to travel to the seaside, her loved ones brought the beach to her instead.

Her children Chas (Lucy Pargeter) and Cain (Jeff Hordley), and daughter-in-law Moira (Natalie J. Robb) arranged to turn a part of the village into a traditional seaside scene with music and games, along with some of her favourite people as guests.

Chas, Moira and Cain organised a seaside-themed day for Faith. (ITV)
Chas, Moira and Cain organised a seaside-themed day for Faith. (ITV)

One special guest included the return of Diane Sugden (Elizabeth Estenson) who was driving the ice cream truck to spend some valuable last moments with her friend.

Faith later said: "Nothing can top today, it was perfect. Absolutely perfect. If I was to die tomorrow, I should die happy. Because I'm at peace, finally, at peace."

The scenes devastated viewers of the soap, particularly when Cain danced with his mum and had to leave for a moment alone after being overcome by emotion.

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One person tweeted: "Cain & Faith have got me bawling…..Hold your loved ones close & tell them you love them….."

Another fan wrote: "Oh @emmerdale the Faith story line tonight has broken my heart! You have this spot on!"

Diane Sugden returned in an ice cream van. (ITV)
Diane Sugden returned in an ice cream van. (ITV)

Someone else wrote: "Faith to cain “I love you son” and cain was about to say love you too. That’s killed me off. I think of my own family when these things happen."

Another person commented: "#emmerdale me hearts breaking , know it’s only a soap but it’s so sad."

Dexter said of her upcoming final scenes: "I found it really quite poignant to film, I knew it meant Faith's time in Emmerdale was up, and so was mine. I always knew Faith was coming back to die. My idea was to have her save Cain and Chas from some sort of attack in the Woolie - say from a bullet or a knife aimed at her children from a crazed intruder!

"I could picture her sliding down the side of the bar, with Cain and Chas declaring her a heroine! But the story Jane (Hudson) and the team wanted was a far more important and difficult one to tell. I only hope we have done as much justice as we could."

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