Emmerdale fave breaks silence on co-star's brutal exit and addresses his own soap future

An Emmerdale star has spoken of how a co-star’s exit left a massive impact on him.

Dean Andrews, 60, who plays Will Taylor in Emmerdale, has told fans about Katherine Dow Blyton leaving the soap. She played Harriet Finch in Emmerdale before being killed off as part of the soap’s 50th anniversary storyline - back in 2022.

Harriet, who was involved in some major narrative points, died in the storm that hit the village. Will Taylor was Harriet’s ex, so the two acting stars shared a lot of scenes together.

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In a discussion with assembled press, Dean was asked if he missed working with Katherine. Dean answered: "Yeah, she was great, a really good actor and really down-to-earth. I suppose it's one of the sadder things, a lot of people here will have lost their partners along the way and I know Claire misses some of the boys, she enjoyed working with them.

“But I suppose it's just part and parcel (of the job) in that you lose good people along the way."

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Elsewhere, Dean has discussed his own future in Emmerdale. Dean said: “ I'll stay as long as they want me to stay, however long they want me to stay is up to them but I'm of an age now, I'm in my 60s, so I'll probably retire after this job."

Earlier in his career, Dean appeared in BBC drama Life On Mars and the show’s sister series Ashes to Ashes.

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