Next week on 'Emmerdale': Meena's sick new deadly scheme revealed, plus Charles has a huge secret (spoilers)

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Next week on Emmerdale (ITV)
Next week on Emmerdale (ITV)

Meena returns and goes to dangerous extremes when it comes to ‘looking after’ David. Plus, Charles meets a mysterious contact in the woods, while Al is offered a deal at the Woolpack.

It’s all the spoilers you’ll need for Emmerdale in the week of the 4-8 October 2021.

Meena is David’s nurse from hell

David collapses after over-exerting himself, and partner Meena arrives home to the sight of him recuperating in the company of Priya.


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Meena Jutla [PAIGE SANDHU] forbids Victoria from calling in on David again

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Meena Jutla [PAIGE SANDHU] forbids Victoria from calling in on David again (ITV)

As we know, the psychopathic nurse is loath to let any woman get close to her man. But it’s Victoria who she despises the most, and Meena will be given yet another reason to get annoyed with her main rival when she later interrupts Vic and David sharing a tender moment at the Hide.

The pair will get close again after the noise from a cap gun results in David having flashbacks of the siege. But Meena is more concerned with Victoria and bans her from calling on David again. And what’s more, she’s also taking control of his medication from now on.

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The trouble is, Meena is about to replace David’s extra-strength painkillers with paracetamol – a move that’ll make him even more reliant and dependent on her. Especially when she’s now also deliberately trying to trigger his anxiety…

Al is offered a share of the pub

A beleaguered Paddy is trying to convince Marlon and Chas that they should accept Al’s offer to buy the Woolpack. But a steely-eyed Chas is playing hardball and tells the conniving Mr Chapman that he can have a third of the pub rather than the half he was expecting.

So, will Al shake hands on the deal? And why is he so desperate to get into the pub business in the first place?

Charles has a big secret

Soaps love cliffhangers involving furtive phone calls, and the latest person to be left shaken by an unwanted mobile chat is Charles. He’s spied by Harriet looking rattled after receiving a mysterious message, but it seems that Charles has no intention of confiding in his colleague.

Instead, he ends up making an angry call to his tormentor, telling whoever’s on the other end to stop harassing him. And later in the week, he arranges a covert meeting with this mystery person in local woodland. But who is it that’s got under his skin and left him feeling so anxious?

Rodney to move in with Diane?

It’s lovely to see Diane getting her share of the drama, even though we know that it’ll all unfortunately end in actress Elizabeth Estensen’s retirement. For the moment at least, though, Diane remains the object of Rodney’s affection and – in a surprise move – she’s about to be put at his mercy!

What we’ll see is Diane getting tipsy with Rodders after she confides in him about some problems she’s been having at the B&B. And caught up in the moment, she ends up agreeing when Rodney asks if he can move in with her.

However, the next day, Diane regrets her drunken night and decides to tell Rodney that she’s reconsidered. But a sudden injury looks set to leave her once again needing the help of the old smoothie…

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