Emmerdale star Paula Lane teases outcome of Ella Forster love triangle

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Emmerdale star Paula Lane has teased the outcome of her character Ella Forster's love triangle with Liam Cavanagh and Chas Dingle.

Chas and Liam enjoyed a fling at the beginning of the year, but their passion was put on hold after Chas was subsequently diagnosed with breast cancer.

In scenes airing next week, Chas will have competition for Liam's affections after Ella shares an unexpected kiss with the doctor, who later realises he'd rather be with Chas.

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Speaking about the love triangle, Paula admitted that it was difficult for Ella to see Liam showing affection to Chas, saying: "Obviously she feels quite jealous and confused that she has potentially misread the signals.

"Liam and Chas clearly have a past and he really cares for her, the situation is complex. Chas has shown immense strength with the recent breast cancer story and this has connected them on a very deep level.

"Liam and Ella are a fresh duo, they don't know each other that well and for now make each other laugh a great deal – of course I'm going to say we make the best couple because it's mysterious and new!"

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The actress went on to reveal how she thinks Ella will react once she learns of Liam's true feelings for Chas.

"I think Ella would be disappointed that she misread Liam's intentions if she knew how strong his feelings for Chas really were, but would let him go," she said. "Ella is too much of a survivor though to dwell, and am sure would dust herself down and pick herself up."

Liam is also embroiled in other Chas-related drama next week when he urges her son, Aaron Dingle, to be honest about his positive test result for the BRCA2 gene, which leads to Aaron hitting him.

Emmerdale airs on weeknights at 7.30pm on ITV1, and streams on ITVX.

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