Emmerdale viewers given major warning as horror hits village

Emmerdale's Nicky was left fighting for his life following a horror crash -Credit:ITV
Emmerdale's Nicky was left fighting for his life following a horror crash -Credit:ITV

Emmerdale fans were issued a major warning as tragedy hit the village.

Before Thursday evening’s hour-long edition of the ITV soap viewers received a warning from the channel’s continuity announcer. He said: “(Expect) Upsetting scenes and strong emotions.”

This has been something of a regular occurrence in recent weeks. So much so that some Emmerdale fans made their observations on X.

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We saw @Boppity_Boo34 post: “Upsetting scenes makes a change that #Emmerdale.” While @Matt528chap added: “Upsetting scenes klaxon again.”

Another viewer @fussyMcWhiskers said: “Emmerdale - strong emotions.” We saw @penniless_poet comment: “Upsetting scenes? Check. Strong Emotions? Check #Emmerdale.”

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Another @ShakyWoon posted: “Upsetting scenes and strong emotions warning. Here we go... #Emmerdale.”

The scenes alluded to at the start of the episode saw Nicky involved in a horror car crash. The character has been left fighting for his life.

Many Emmerdale viewers were horrified to see Ethan leave an unconscious Nicky following the incident. Some are unsure if the character will survive.

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