Emmys 2016: 'Creepy' Matt Le Blanc Blasted For 'Inappropriate' Comment About Emilia Clarke

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    This is not "degrading" or creepy. It's a JOKE people. A JOKE. A quip. Back in the day we used to laugh at these things. Remember that? This is not even about LeBlanc, it's just yet another bunch of self appointed wannabe moral crusaders circling like vultures for a moment to launch a grossly inappropriate media campaign to show the world just how amazingly "right on" they are. I'd love to tell them all where to stick this ridiculous nonsense but it would probably be extremely degrading to specific parts of their anatomy.
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    Can we please stop with the upset twitter users articles. Upsetting a twitter user is like depressing an Emo
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    Mrs B
    FFS he said this on the Graham Norton show ages ago, and she was sitting right next to him!! She had said that she had a crush on him for ages and was all sparkly eyed and giggly! People need to take a step back and remember that there is comedy in the world. Get some common sense people.
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    A TV show uses nudity and sex to get people to watch.... but it's only a problem when someone explicitly mentions it.
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    Hecho A Mano
    I don't watch Game of Thrones, but a mate of mine is obsessed with it, and what he likes most is that it's full of shagging and violence. What a filthy animal, eh? Why didn't he single out the splendour of the set design or the crisp pithiness of the dialogue? After all, that's what it's best known for. What a load of horseshlt! It won't be long before people will be prosecuted and put on the sex offenders' register for perfectly normal, harmless comments like Matt Le Blanc's. If noticing nudity is "inappropriate", then it will have to be banned. It probably won't be long before that happens, either. We are reversing into a new era of Victorian repression and opression. When you mention that, some people (hello, Daily Mail readers) say how great that will be, because it was an age of respect and good manners. Yeah, sure. The world was a much safer place 150 years ago, and women were really treated with respect.
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    The only reason she is up there taking the award is because of the sex and nudity in the series making it so popular in the first place.

    This political correctness nowadays is really taking us backwards.
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    It was obviously a joke, why do some people have to take everything so seriously?
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    If the comment was made about a male actor in GOT by another female actress etc would anyone be making the same fuss!
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    They can say and do whatever they feel like doing!
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    Some people just have a problem for every solution. Twas obviously a joke.