Enormous UFOs Pictured Over The Arctic In Top-Secret Photos From 1971


UFO enthusiasts have gone wild over pictures of huge, triangular spacecraft and floating cigar-shaped objects over the Arctic, allegedly taken in 1971.

The pictures, which fit many existing theories about aliens having a base in the Arctic, were supposedly taken by sailors aboard the USS Trepang SSN 674 submarine, but have remained secret until now.

They have been posted onlline by paranormal investigator Alex Mistretta and UFO site The Black Vault.

Many of the pictures carry captions which suggest they were ‘meant’ to remain secret, such as ‘Official Photograph. Not to be Released. CT'

Nigel Watson, author of the UFO Investigations Manual, says, ‘They have certainly got UFO researchers scratching their heads and wondering and speculating that UFOs have a base in the Arctic regions.

Arctic 2
Arctic 2

‘They are an odd selection of pictures, that feature types of UFOs that have been regularly spotted by witnesses in all parts of the world. Airship or cigar-shaped type craft have been reported since 1896 when there was a great wave of 'phantom airship' sightings thoughout the USA.

‘Explorer Benjamin F. Trueblood related that when he when on a polar expedition in 1908, the Eskimos he met were eager to talk about sighting an airship. They described in comparative accuracy a cigar-shaped dirigible balloon sailing over Greenland. It was their view that this was the airship being used by Walter Wellman on his mission to fly to the North Pole, though this couldn’t have been possible because he only launched short-lived airship expeditions in 1907 and 1909.

‘The triangular craft have been more commonly seen in the last few decades.

‘Triangular UFOs have been seen so often in the West Midlands and around Dudley to such an extent that they were called Dudley Doritos (after the name of a popular snack food).
‘One witness saw one and said: “There were three orangey lights in a triangle formation. They weren’t shaped like an equilateral triangle, more like an isosceles triangle, and shaped like an old fashioned arrow head. I don’t think it was a plane because we didn’t hear any noise.”

‘This batch of pictures back-ups such claims but I'm not sure about their authenticity.

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