Entire company locked out of office for days because of rogue umbrella

Andy Wells
Freelance Writer
The umbrella managed to jam the doors to the office well and truly shut (Twitter/@NeerajKA)

Not even “opening a ticket” could fix this one.

Employees at a company based in WeWork offices were thwarted when they tried to turn up to work earlier this week but found the glass door well and truly blocked shut.

One look on the floor inside the office showed the culprit to be a rogue umbrella that had fallen on the ground at the most awkward spot possible.

Neeraj K Agrawal posted a picture of the predicament – which had lasted for two days at the time – on Twitter, saying: “No one can figure it out.”

The tweet quickly went viral, with people offering their own – helpful and unhelpful – solutions to get into the room:

Mr Agrawal said that despite the numerous tweets advising for the glass to be smashed, employees were working somewhere else.

He said: “There’s nothing important in there. It’s 2019. Computers are portable now. Work just moved to a different office.”

Mr Agrawal later sent an update on the umbrella situation: Rather than breaking the glass, an engineer drilled a hole in the ceiling and lifted the umbrella out of the way using wire.

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