'An entitled mum blocked my car while I was on the school run - I got the best revenge'

A man has shared his tale of revenge on a mother who blocked his driveway during the school run. He took to Reddit to explain how he dealt with the situation, leaving the woman furious but teaching her a lesson about respecting other people's property.

In his detailed Reddit post, he said: "I live next to a school and I've had parents back up into my driveway to wait for their children. If I'm not going anywhere I don't mind no harm no foul. One day I came home to find a woman in my driveway. I got out of my car and asked her to please pull out for a second so I could pull in and then you can back up where you were . She said I will only be a few minutes. I said 'ma'am I live here and I'd like to get into my garage'."

He further explained that the street he lives on is narrow, and with parents parked on both sides to pick up their children it's getting busier and only one car can get past at a time. He added: "I told her that I cannot wait here a "few" minutes because I'm blocking traffic! ".

There was then a heated exchange as the woman asked the owner of the vehicle if he would move explaining her son had "a big tournament". He didn't move but after asking her if she was the homeowner the penny dropped for him and he began to plot his revenge.

He responded to her by saying that he would be "moving in a bit" so in a bid to get his revenge he then parks and blocks her in as he explained: "I then parked perpendicular to her vehicle blocking my own driveway and her vehicle . As I walked by I told her I really have to use the bathroom and have stomach cramps.", reports the Mirror.

He also told her she was welcome to call the police but he wouldn't be out for several minutes, and then it sunk in as she realised she was blocked from moving. "The look on her face after she realised what was happening was priceless," he added.

However it was only moments later that he heard a car honking and then his doorbell started ringing, which was then a young boy calling to see when he would be out. He took his time as he further added: "By the time I came out a "few" more minutes later, all the vehicles and students were gone. I very slowly walked past her car avoiding eye contact and got into my car. I adjusted the mirror, moved the car seat forward, then back slowly, started the car and moved my car forward slowly."

"All I heard was the tires screeching and the car horn honking as she left. Her windows were rolled up so I can only assume the little boy got an earful of nice words as she was leaving. My neighbours were wondering what was going on with all the honking. When I explained they said, 'oh yeah, that's what we kinda figured'."

Reddit users have saluted the driver's parking skills. One Reddit aficionado said: "That's almost perfect! The only thing I would have changed is instead of avoiding eye contact I would have maintained eye contact with Karen as much as possible."

Another chimed in: "Love this! I have a similar issue in my neighbourhood, although thankfully no one has parked in any of the driveways yet."

A number of others shared their personal stories about finding their driveway or garage blocked. A user described his situation: "I live right next door to a giant highschool with over 1,500 students. Not counting facility. I have a big long driveway and during graduation season all the other local schools pay to use the high school field. Like the whole last three weeks of May it's hard to find a spot. This year I'm thinking of selling parking spots [for] $5. I could fit four cars in my driveway. Lol."

Another jestingly commented: "I live across from a school as well and School run mothers are the worst people to deal with. I had a woman yell "I'm a mother!" I replied "you have that half right" and she freaked out."