Erin Napier Just Epically Shut Down Pregnancy Rumors on Instagram

Rebecca Norris
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Photo credit: Manny Carabel - Getty Images
Photo credit: Manny Carabel - Getty Images

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  • Erin Napier is the co-host of her show, Home Town, on HGTV, with her husband Ben Napier.

  • The 34-year-old TV-personality regularly "gets real" on Instagram.

  • Most recently, she denounced pregnancy rumors before they even had a chance to start.

Erin Napier isn’t one to shy away from getting real on Instagram. It seems like every other week the 34-year-old Home Town star is using her platform to dismantle the idea that social media—and the comments that happen within the confines of the social sphere—is the end-all, be-all of life.

Most recently, the mother of one used one of her grid squares to share some thoughts on a future pregnancy—if such a thing were to occur.

On Thursday, October 15, the graphic designer posted a close-up photo of her (adorable) #OOTD: a pair of khaki overalls.

“If you’ve never felt the cool breeze of an industrial shop fan filling up your overalls, making you look like those people who parachute indoors, you ain’t lived,” she wrote, accompanying the photo. “(PS - Steve Jobs was onto something wearing only black shirts and jeans. This has been my uniform since, oh, the first day of COVID quarantine and you’ll see that cooler weather will not stop me now. PPS - Ughhhh no this is not a pregnancy announcement. If that time comes, Instagram will be the last to know. 😘)”

It’s that last sentence that really rang true to her fans, earning her accolades across her comments section. After all, this isn’t the first time the Internet has weighed in on the TV co-host’s personal appearance and life, let alone speculated whether or not she was pregnant again.

“Love the honesty that Instagram will be the last to know!” one Instagram user wrote.

“Hahaha. Perfect comment... ‘the last to know’... as it should be!” another fan wrote.

“I love your smart sassiness! ‘Instagram will be the last to know…’ As it SHOULD BE!” another user chimed in.

“Love the pic, but the commentary more,” another fan added, followed by a praise emoji.

The general consensus was that Erin's perspective was exactly right—it’s her business and not her followers’. And, for the first time in ages, it looks as though Instagram trolls respected her wishes and left their pettiness at the door.

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