The Essex town that 'has it all' with links to Churchill and major celebs

Epping town centre is less than an hour out of Central London and has the ultimate community town feel
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Essex has it all: beautiful green countryside, expansive canopying woodland, hearty and lively pubs, manicured village greens, popular cafes, thriving high streets, and fantastic transport links into central London. Not everywhere in Essex has everything from that list though. Epping is a true exception.

Primed at the end of the Central line, Epping is less than an hour from central London, and is the perfect hybrid between bustling and busy town, while maintaining a homely village feel. Its super location makes it a top-notch spot for commuters, and ideal for residents who want to dip their toe in city life from the safety of their countryside walks.

Visiting Epping on a weekday does not mean that it will be quiet. While many high streets have been blighted with closures, Epping seems to have swerved that hit, with a mixture of chain restaurants and shops (yes, there is a Gail’s bakery and an M&S Food), and independent boutiques with clear and quirky identities. Walking through the high street, there’s a patchwork of charity shops, bistros, barbers, butchers, as well as two pubs which have been around since the 1800s– all of which have a healthy flow of smiling faces weaving in and out.

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Meanwhile, the town maintains its village feel with plenty of green spaces and community projects. Village greens welcome picnic-ers and dog walkers alike on well kept commons and a community garden is open to anyone wanting to pick up fresh herbs from the volunteer run Edible Zone behind the high street.

You can pick your own fresh herbs from the volunteer-led community garden just off of the high street
Epping town centre is less than an h our out of Central London and has the ultimate comunity town feel

Venturing out of the main hubbub of the town, Epping has its own sprawling forest, travelling as far as Walthamstow. Epping Forest is a popular spot for hikers, families, and dog walkers strolling through ancient trees and sunlit glades. As part of the experience, the forest is home to Queen Elizabeth’s Hunting Lodge, and the remnants of two large Iron Age forts.

Epping is also the birthplace of some pretty notable faces with the likes of Inbetweeners actor, James Buckley, television presenter Ben Shepherd, and Youtuber and singer Dodie Clarke. Former Prime Minister Winston Churchill, was also once the MP for the area, including while he led the country through the Second World War.
Epping is certainly one-of-a-kind, with its charming swirl of greenery and community vibes all on London’s doorstep.

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