EU anthem Ode to Joy tops UK singles charts in latest Brexit battle

EU flags in Brussels

The EU anthem has topped the iTunes UK singles chart ahead of the UK’s departure on Friday following a campaign by Remainers.

A version of Beethoven’s Ode to Joy by Dutch violinist Andre Rieu took the top spot in the chart just days ahead of the day the UK finally leaves the EU following years of controversy.

The classical work is used as the EU anthem and its rare appearance in the iTunes singles chat is thought to follow a campaign by Remain voters who have been buying and streaming it.

The EU's anthem – Beethoven's Ode to Joy – has topped the UK singles chart following a campaign by Remainers (iTunes)

But Ode to Joy isn’t the only musical manifestation of people’s political statement ahead of the historic occasion.

A song dubbed 17 Million F***-Offs by Dominic Frisby was close behind the EU-adopted anthem in number three after being bought by Brexit-backers.


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Both pieces of music also held the top spots on the Amazon digital music bestsellers, with Ode to Joy beating the music choice of Leave voters to number one.

Both pieces of music beat current hits by artists including Lewis Capaldi and Dua Lipa, while The Weeknd’s Blinding Lights slid between them in the iTunes UK singles chart at number two.

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