Euphoria's Chloe Cherry Is The Latest Co-Star To Offer Season 3 Update

 Chloe Cherry's Faye standing in a kitchen and wearing a T-shirt in Euphoria.
Chloe Cherry's Faye standing in a kitchen and wearing a T-shirt in Euphoria.

Questions about what's going on with Season 3 of Euphoria haven't stopped growing in number, and the more we hear about it, the less likely it sounds like it will happen anytime soon. Amidst rumors that Zendaya disliked the original Season 3 script, actress Chloe Cherry was asked about the HBO drama's future. Suffice it to say, her answer shouldn't instill abundant confidence we'll see a new season in the near or distant future.

After seeing Faye entering the mix for Season 2, Euphoria fans might be wondering if and when they'll see Cherry's character again. Daily Mail had the chance to ask the actress directly what's up, but unfortunately, it seems she's as in the dark on things as everyone else. In her words:

No one talks to me. They really don't talk to me. . . . I would definitely go back, but they just leave me in the dark, let's just say that.

Chloe Cherry doesn't have any direct answers for whether or not she'll return in Season 3, or anything else about Season 3, but that's not exactly surprising. The Season 2 ending of Euphoria showed Ash's death via standoff with police, and Fez headed to jail after taking a bullet as well. Faye was living in the apartment with them at the time of the police raid, and I would reckon she had to vacate the premises soon after.

With Ash and Fez being the only characters she was tied to, and with Fez actor Angus Cloud's 2023 death likely requiring story shifts, it's possible Faye won't be a part of Euphoria Season 3 if it happens anyway. That said, the actress' popularity on the show (and in even more adult forms of entertainment) likely means any future the show has will include Cherry's character.

Hunter Schafer And Zendaya Recently Touched Base About All The Weird Euphoria Delays: 'I Had What's Probably Close To A Mental Breakdown'

Hunter Schafer leaning against a wall and smiling in Euphoria.
Hunter Schafer leaning against a wall and smiling in Euphoria.

The actresses want the show to return.

While we still don't know if and when Euphoria Season 3 could happen, there are rumors that the series would be canceled after that point. It feels like scheduling Season 3 will be challenging enough with the Hollywood success of Zendaya, Sydney Sweeney, Jacob Elordi, and Hunter Schaefer. If new episodes do end up filming, it would not be so shocking if HBO encouraged Sam Levinson to write the finale as an official swan song so they wouldn't have to struggle to cement Season 4.

The good news is that despite creative differences between HBO, Sam Levinson, and anyone else in the mix, the premium network did release a statement pledging a commitment to making Season 3 happen. So, presumably, there will be some update on the series in time and possibly a time jump that finds the characters sometime after graduating high school.

As a fan, I'd be okay with seeing these characters grow up, especially since the delays will only make their age differences between seasons more apparent when they finally resume production. That said, here's hoping this is a season we see a year or two from now, not a decade down the road.

Thankfully, Euphoria is available to stream with a Max subscription for those who need a refresher the minute some exciting news on Season 3 is announced. I know that I'll need to binge both seasons once again because I can barely remember who Rue is dating at this point.