Euronews Culture's 2022 Interviews: A year in review

Euronews Culture's 2022 Interviews: A year in review

We’ve had a busy year in the Culture hub of Euronews, interviewing film stars, prime ministers, activists, authors, chefs, photographers and possibly the strangest influencer you’ll ever meet.

In case you missed them, we’ve compiled a collection of some of our favourite interviews of 2022 - click on the titles to read and watch.

The one with the 2022 Palme d’Or winner set to win big at next year’s Oscars.

Ruben Östlund talks to Euronews Culture about his award-winning film Triangle of Sadness and the madness of modern addictions - Euronews

The one with the Just Stop Oil activist who explains why it’s right to attack art.

AP Photo
Just Stop Oil activists gluing themselves to the wall after throwing a tin of soup on a Van Gogh - AP Photo

The one with one of the world’s most successful portrait photographers moving on from the Rolling Stones and Miley Cyrus to focus on haemophiliacs.

Photographer Rankin speaking to Euronews Culture about his series on haemophiliacs - Rankin

The one with the Ukrainian-Canadian former journalist raising funds for the war effort by selling art for drones.

Christian Borys
Christian Borys (L) and a special edition of 'Our Lady of Mariupol' artwork created by Maksym Palenko - Christian Borys

The one with the Russian fashion photographer and LGBTQ+ activist defying Russian authorities.

Emmie America
A photo from Emmie America's 'Nicotine Issue 8 Please Excuse Me' shoot - Emmie America

The one with Jeremy Fragrance, the world’s most popular (and eccentric) perfume influencer – "POWER!"

Frangrance One
Jeremy Fragrance, the world's most popular perfume influencer - Frangrance One

The one with the Icelandic Prime Minister (and published crime fiction author) discussing art, environment and how even politicians can be creative.

Iceland Prime Minister Jakobsdóttir on Iceland's role in the film industry and her debut crime thriller - Euronews

The one with the Iranian film producer fearful for the safety of the filmmakers arrested by the Iranian government this year.

Francois Mori/AP
Director Mohammad Rasoulof, imprisoned by the Iranian government - Francois Mori/AP

The one with the famous Austrian parachutist who captivated the world 10 years ago when he jumped from a capsule 40km above the New Mexico desert, on the very edge of space.

Michai Stetcu - Red Bull Content Pool
Felix Baumgartner seen in Lucerne, Switzerland on 16 August 2022 - Michai Stetcu - Red Bull Content Pool

The one with 2022 Lumière Award-winner Tim Burton.

Jean Luc Mege - Festival Lumière
Tim Burton accepting the Lumière Award in Lyon - 2022 - Jean Luc Mege - Festival Lumière

The one with the artists worried about digital art created by machines.

Lensa AI
Portraits digitally created by Lensa - Lensa AI

The one with the tattoo studio offering free removals for all those regretting their Kanye ‘Ye’ West ink, following the rapper’s hideous downward spiral this year.

NAAMA Studios in London are offering free removals of Kanye West tattoos - Twitter

The one with the 28-year-old analogue sleuth who uncovered George Orwell’s favourite author.

Jack Chadwick
Jack Chadwick, who uncovered George Orwell’s favourite author with some good old fashioned offline sleuthing - Jack Chadwick

The one with the veteran scriptwriter and editor merging fiction and archival material to shine a light on the Armenian genocide through comics.

Petit à Petit
New docu-comic ‘Une Histoire du Génocide des Arméniens’ (‘A History of the Armenian Genocide’) by Jean-Blaise Djian (Djian) and Gorune Aprikian - Petit à Petit

The one with the journalist who wrote a book about his time in Greek refugee camps and the shame of being European.

José Núñez
José Núñez is photographed along with many copies of his new book 'Shukran my friends' - José Núñez

The one with the Female MCs in Indian Kashmir creating conscious rhymes in a conservative country.

Wasim Nabi for Euronews
Anam Nassir, also known as Rapper Annie, wants to be a professional rapper. The 18-year-old girl has found the support of her parents in chasing her dream - Wasim Nabi for Euronews

The one with the artist grieving through art by putting ashes in her paintings.

Lanson Moore
Lanson Moore and her tribute to her late father - Lanson Moore

The one with the world-famous chef trying to teach Europeans to cook Chinese food.

Ken Hom; Lee Kum Kee
Internationally renowned chef Ken Hom - Ken Hom; Lee Kum Kee

The one with the Iranian musician risking prison for his new album.

Mehdi Rajabian
Iranian musician Mehdi Rajabian - Mehdi Rajabian

The one with the experimental hip-hop band who defies labels and is one of the most exciting bands currently touring.

Sub Pop
Experimental hip hop band Clipping - Sub Pop

The one with the intimacy coordinator, the ‘cousin’ of stunt choreographers on film sets.

Matt Dunham / AP
What does an intimacy coordinator do? - Matt Dunham / AP

The one with the Royal expert who thinks the continuing obsession with Diana Princess of Wales in films and TV doesn’t exist to actually say anything.

Richard Ellis / Alamy Stock Photo
The new Princess Diana documentary came out on HBO and in select cinemas this year - Richard Ellis / Alamy Stock Photo

The one with the experts explaining if and why nightmares can cause dementia.

Experts explain whether nightmares can cause dementia - Canva

There we have it. Stay tuned to Euronews Culture for more interviews and our Best Of 2022 series, chronicalling the year's highs and lows in culture, cinema, music, books and streaming.