Eurostar passengers suffer two days of delays after freight train breaks down in Channel Tunnel and 'wrong train' sent into secure area

Tom Powell
'Chaos at the Gare du Nord': Passengers were left waiting for hours on Sunday: @DeaGdavies

Eurostar passengers have been hit with a second day of severe delays and cancellations after a freight train broke down in the Channel Tunnel.

It comes after a signalling issue led to another operator’s service pulling in at the Eurostar platforms in Gare du Nord station in Paris on Sunday, sparking major disruption.

At least four services have been cancelled so far today after a fault developed on a freight train in one of the two tunnels.

It meant all trains had to be sent down the one clear tunnel in batches while engineers removed the faulty freight train.

Passengers were left stranded in both London and Paris for hours, with many forced to book onto later trains.

A Eurostar spokesman said: “There have been some delays today caused by a fault on a freight train in Eurotunnel. This has now been resolved and traffic should return to normal throughout the rest of the day.

“We apologise to customers who have been impacted, and they will be sent details of how to claim compensation.”

It comes just a day after St Pancras and Gare du Nord stations were described as “chaos” as huge crowds of passengers were stuck there waiting for information.

A train belonging to a different operator had mistakenly been directed to the area at the western of the Paris station which is exclusively for Eurostar.

Special security rules for the Channel Tunnel mean the area immediately became compromised, and as a result passengers were forced to go through checks again.

The operator said: “A signalling issue at Gare du Nord resulted in another operator’s train arriving on Eurostar platforms.

“This meant that the secure area had to be security checked again, to ensure that Eurostar continued to operate within a secure zone.”

Two services were cancelled as a result of the disruption, which also included a technical fault on a train, while almost every service that did run was at least an hour late.