Eurovision 2024 winner, full results and where the UK finished

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-Credit:Getty Images

After weeks of anticipation, the Eurovision Song Contest is over for another year. The 2024 competition, held in Sweden, was one of the most controversial yet with huge protests taking place over Israel's participation and the disqualification of Dutch artist Joost Klein just hours before the show after a backstage incident.

This year, 25 acts battled it out to win the coveted Eurovision trophy. Going into the grand final, bookies had predicted Croatia would take home the crown with song Rim Tim Tagi Dim performed by Baby Lasagna, with Israel's Eden Golan second favourite in the odds with song Hurricane.

After the jury vote Switzerland had a massive lead with 365 points, and France were in second place with 218 points, with Croatia close behind with 210 points. And after the public votes were added it was Switzerland who came out on top to win Eurovision 2024.

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Nemo is are the the first non-binary singer to win the contest - wowing viewers with their performance of The Code, a drum-and-bass, opera, rap and rock tune about a journey of self-discovery as a non-binary person. Accepting the iconic glass microphone trophy, Nemo said: "I want to say thank you so much, I hope this contest can live up to its promise and continue to stand for peace and dignity for every person in this world".

Where did the UK finish?

After Olly Alexander's semi-final performance left fans largely underwhelmed, Olly was hoping to do better during the grand final but was hit by sound issues. His song Dizzy managed to rack up a score of 46 points - doing much better than Mae Muller's track 'I Wrote A Song' last year, which landed in the last place.

While it wasn't quite Sam Ryder's record breaking performance to finish in second place with 466 points, becoming the highest-scoring UK Eurovision entrant, it did better than a lot of fans were expecting on the night.

Olly and the UK finished in 19th place and received 46 votes.

Eurovision 2024 full results

Switzerland 591

Croatia 547

Ukraine 453

France 445

Israel 375

Switzerland 365

Ireland 278

Italy 268

Armenia 183

Sweden 174

Portugal 152

Greece 126

Germany 117

Luxembourg 103

Lithuania 90

Cyprus 78

Latvia 64

Serbia 54

United Kingdom 46

Finland 38

Estonia 37

Georgia 34

Spain 30

Slovenia 27

Austria 24

Norway 16