Eurovision fans spot problem seconds into Olly Alexander's performance

Eurovision fans were all saying the same thing about Olly Alexander's perfomance
Eurovision fans were all saying the same thing about Olly Alexander's perfomance -Credit:AP

The Eurovision 2024 grand final is finally here - with 25 countries set to perform.

This year, Sweden hosts the competition following the victory of its singer Loreen in Liverpool last year. It is also the 50-year anniversary of Abba giving Sweden its first win with their song 'Waterloo'.

Among the favourites to win this year are Croatia's Baby Lasagne with his song 'Rim Tim Tagi Dim.' The second favourite to win is Israel singer Eden Golan.

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The 20 countries going through will be joined by the UK, Italy, France, Spain and Germany, otherwise known as the 'Big Five,' who automatically qualify every year. Former Years and Years frontman Olly Alexander represented the UK tonight with his song Dizzy.

beconds into his bold and vibrant performance, Eurovision fans took to Twitter to share their thoughts. Many spotted an 'issue' as soon as he started singing.

One fan said: "I think Olly's (United Kingdom) mic failed again like it did in rehearsal. I can only hope he did it better for the judges bc that wasn’t his best performance tbh #Eurovision."

A second tweet read: "Thought it wasn't that great, didn't sound like his mic was switched on. #olly#eurovision."

A third fan said: "Is it my TV or is Olly's mic down? #Eurovision2024 #Eurovision #Eurovision2024."

A fourth tweet read: "Olly's vocals are not great here, or it might be the mic. Or both #Eurovision"

A fifth said: "Something wrong with the sound for Olly Alexander?"

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