Eurovision legend Cheryl Baker says Olly Alexander has 'little chance' of winning for UK

Cheryl Baker
Cheryl Baker gave an honest assessment of Olly Alexander's chances -Credit:Getty Images Europe

Eurovision icon Cheryl Baker has unleashed a scathing critique, doubting Olly Alexander's chances of triumphing at the upcoming contest.

Despite her desire for him to clinch victory, she fears his prospects are slim.

The 33-year-old Years and Years lead singer showcased his entry 'Dizzy' on Tuesday night, eliciting a polarised response from the audience, with some prematurely dismissing his chances.

Cheryl, who soared to Eurovision glory in 1981 with Bucks Fizz, aligns with critics who bluntly assess the song as lacking the punch needed to secure a win.

With the clock ticking towards Saturday night, she suggests that Olly must implement crucial changes if he aims to top the leaderboard.

Ahead of the weekend showdown, Cheryl has candidly shared her thoughts on the UK's contender, hoping her predictions will be proven incorrect.

Olly alexander performing at Eurovision
Olly performing at Eurovision -Credit:TT News Agency/AFP via Getty Ima

In a conversation with the Mirror, representing Heart Bingo, Cheryl remarked, "I like the song, I just don't think it's strong enough to win. I love his voice but it's up against some really good acts. Do you think it's good enough to win? Really? When I heard it I just thought 'OK, this is good' but then it just stayed there. It doesn't quite have enough for me."

"I like the song, but it doesn't go anywhere. It's chart worthy but I don't think it's strong enough for Eurovision. You've got three minutes or less to make your mark. In that three minutes, you need to build and make it go. He has changed it vocally with some high notes but I just don't think the song is quite there for it, it just stays on the same level."

"I know it's a simple thing but how about throwing in a couple of key changes? It gives it an automatic lift. Is it too late to change it now, I don't know. I don't see why not, there's still a few days to go. But take no notice of me - I've never, ever make the correct prediction. I always get it wrong. It would be amazing if he brings the Eurovision trophy back to the UK. Olly has got such an incredible voice and I hope he wins - let's just hope as normal I've got in totally wrong when it comes to the predictions."

The pop star was thrilled to unveil 'Dizzy', the first single he has written solo, which featured some impressive stage production.

However, his moment under the spotlight received a mixed response earlier this week from viewers who quickly voiced their opinions online after he took to the stage in Gothenburg, Sweden for the event's semi-finals.

The singer was criticised by some fans who accused him of being "off-key" and "out of tune".

However, others defended him, suggesting that his performance was affected when his mic pack fell off mid-performance.

Speaking to Lorraine Kelly on her ITV show on Wednesday, he appeared cheerful as he chatted with the Scottish TV presenter via video link.

When Lorraine described his Eurovision song Dizzy as "a banger", he responded: "This whole Eurovision experience is wild. Last night was amazing. It was the first time performing in the arena and on TV. It was just... yeah, it was amazing."

He then admitted: "I had a slight wardrobe malfunction - my mic pack fell off - and had to improvise but that's fine - it's live TV, it happens."

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