Eurovision Song Contest 2022 - Who are the hosts? Who is commentating?

The line-up for the UK's Eurovision 2022 coverage. (BBC)
The line-up for the UK's Eurovision 2022 coverage. (BBC)

The Eurovision Song Contest is headed for Turin, Italy this May - but who will be covering all of the action for UK fans?

We already know that TikTok star Sam Ryder will represent us at the contest and will hopefully help us to pick up some sorely needed points after becoming a huge hit worldwide during lockdown.

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But there's also a whole team of stars bringing all the highs (and lows) of the contest to UK viewers, from the semi-finals through to grand final night and announcing our votes.

Here's who is on the 2022 Eurovision team.

Who is hosting the UK coverage of Eurovision 2022's grand final?

Graham Norton
Graham Norton will commentate on the final. (BBC)

There's no change at the top, as popular host Graham Norton continues to present the grand final for the UK coverage.

Chat show host Norton provides funny commentary throughout the evening as some of the weird and wonderful acts take to the stage, and is also a fount of knowledge on everything to do with the contest.

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He's hosted the UK coverage since 2009, when he took over from the late Terry Wogan who served many years as commentator but retired from the role seven years before his death in 2016.

Radio commentary stays the same, too, with long-running host Ken Bruce picking up the baton once more.

Who is presenting the semi-finals of Eurovision 2022?

Rylan Clark
Rylan Clark is co-hosting the semi-finals. (BBC) (BBC/Leigh Keily)

The team behind the semi-finals coverage on 10 and 12 May are also experienced Eurovision hosts, with TV presenter Rylan Clark and radio DJ Scott Mills both signed up again.

Our act won't actually be taking part in the semi-finals as the UK is one of the "Big Five" - the contest's biggest financial donors - meaning we get an automatic spot in the final.

But there's plenty to enjoy in watching the other entrants battle it out to get to the final round and Clark revealed: "I do have a few favourites. Norway especially as their song is quite 'novelty' but at the same time it’s extremely catchy and a great track. They’re definitely ones to watch."

Experienced host Scott Mills is also returning. (BBC)
Experienced host Scott Mills is also returning. (BBC) (BBC/Guy Levy)

Mills, who has hosted the semis since 2011 and with Clark since 2018, said he couldn't wait to get back to the usual Eurovision schedule post-pandemic.

He said: "The last time we were all together was in Tel Aviv in 2019 which was in the top five of best weeks I’ve ever had, but there was no contest in 2020 - and last year we presented the semi-finals from a studio in London, we weren’t actually in Rotterdam, we were watching it on TV like everyone else.

"I’ve missed my annual Eurovision trip so much and I’m bursting to get back to it."

Who is announcing the UK's voting at the final?

AJ Odudu
AJ Odudu will announce the UK's votes. (BBC) (BBC/Nathan Gallagher)

It's a long night watching the votes roll in from each of the Eurovision nations, but look out for a familiar face saying "Great Britain calling" this year.

Reading out our votes will be TV presenter AJ Odudu as a brand new addition to the Eurovision team.

Odudu will be well known to many viewers thanks to her star turn in Strictly Come Dancing last year, where she made it all the way to the finals but was unable to take part because of an injury.

The Eurovision Song Contest grand final airs on 14 May on BBC One.

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